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My signature life-transformative 1:1 container
Unlock your innate wisdom, embody your wholeness and live from your deep, feminine power.

​Hey beautiful one,

Welcome in. I'm so honoured and hyped that you're here.

You landing here tells me you are someone who plays a little (or even a lot!) differently in this world. 

If you are anything like the brilliant women that I work with then I know this; You have BIG visions for yourself, your work & your life. In fact you feel like you've only just gotten started with all the Magic you here to create and experience on this earth.

You're someone who is able to vision new ways of being into your life, your work.
You're a big feeler, with the biggest heart. Y
ou're here to serve your gifts to the world, to do work that does good.

and you're also here, on this earth, to be reminded of your own deep and potent power.

So that you can live from your wholeness, step boldly into your truest potential and

experience life from the over flow.

I sense that you have a strong urge for your life to be wildly expansive, limitless even.
And you're ready to experience that more deeply than ever.

To elevate your life, your work, your wealth, your relationships, your soul.
Without sacrifice, without compromise.


You're craving to elevate higher whilst simultaneously deepening your relationship with yourself; to live from an anchored place whilst achieving epic things.
You desire to operate from your wholeness and live from your innate wisdom, and to witness the ripple effects it effortlessly creates in your external life. 

When people meet you they notice your positivity, your hope, your deeply caring nature and generous heart. 

And sometimes you've been made to feel too much; to question yourself,  wondering if you're too expressive, feel things too deeply or dream too big.

I believe your heart calls you to things that are meant for you.


You being here is not an accident. 


You holding your dreams up to the light is not an accident.

Your potential is calling you higher because you're capable of holding all that comes with it.

You feel an unshakeable desire for freedom, adventure, for really living. 

For embracing all that life has to give.


The fear of not living out your dreams is real

You can tell when you're not living in your true alignment or following your gut, you feel trapped, stuck, restless.


You being here tells me you are not interested in the status quo way of living.


Rather, you are here to throw yourself into the greatest adventure of your life!


Let's go girl!

Expect life transformative, powerful coaching,

 Expansive, deep healings

and a sacred space where you get to bring all of you.

You'll be witnessed in your highest potential,

welcomed just as you are and invited to ease-fully expand into your next level life.

You're ready to feel full-body safe to live in your full expression. To feel alive with excitement and passion for your work and truly recognised (and paid well) for your gifts. To experience deep love and connection in all your relationships. To feel

at home in your body and working with your powerful energy. To connect deeper with your inner guidance & soul. To experience mind-blowing achievements whilst also relishing in extensive relaxation & rest.

desilesphotography (19 of 37).jpg

I don't do mediocre and I know you don't either.

Over the last six years I've been fortunate to support over 200 women one to one as a coach & energy worker. 

I work with brilliant, heart-led women who are ambitious & high achievers (though often they haven't even noticed this within themselves), who are devoted and passionate and who even though sometimes their voice shakes, their belly flips and doubts creep in, ultimately they know they are willing and ready to live an extraordinary life.

My absolutely belief is that you are already complete and whole, 

that you don't need to prove yourself anymore.

Does that feel like a relief?

As a coach, I deeply know that you have all the answers within, that you are innately wise…. my role is to support you to find those answers. And my joy is to help you see yourself more clearly. 

You’re always the one seeing others in this clear and true way, right?!

 Now, may it be your turn to receive.

I coach women who choose purpose & passion to be their guide in their work, who light up at the idea that their work makes an impact on the world and who feel fuelled by using their gifts and being of service to others.

I've worked with coaches (Both established and starting out), CEO's, doctors, vets, teachers, healers, personal trainers & yoga teachers, graphic designers, corporate queens, mothers, PHD's fellows, published authors, musicians & artists, nutritionists and so many more.

Through our work together they have cultivated a deep sense of freedom and trust. Giving up hustle and embracing wholeness, living in a truly embodied way and in turn witnessing their business, work, love life, health, finances and purpose elevate higher than ever. Maybe you're ready for that kind of liberation?


If I had one word to describe Emilia and my experience with her, it would be magic.

Emilia has this way of holding space where you not only feel comfortable being yourself, you feel inspired and liberated to show your soul to the world. 


When I was struggling getting any clients as a coach, after working with her for 3 months I had 4 paying clients. When I had lost nearly all of my self worth after ending a very difficult relationship, she ever so lovingly and gently brought me back to my heart. Emilia has this way of meeting you where you’re at always, so you never feel behind - you never feel lost. She always sees you and holds you to your highest potential, where you get this sense of self love and self worth and life just flows and makes sense. 

She has whole heartedly changed my life forever, and I will always be grateful. 


Let's get down to the juicy details:

You're in the right place if you're ready to:

Feel innately worthy, deserving and safe to have it all. To flow through life in  the beautiful, elevated, purposeful, spacious and abundant way you have been dreaming of. 

Live in the wholeness and authenticity of who you are. To bring all of who you are to the table; no longer second guessing which parts of you are allowed.


Fully embody your Soul's calling. To operate from your power & potency and witness your work, business, and relationships completely elevate.

Feel with deep conviction and truth that every single one of your dreams is available to you,  that they are meant for  you and that you are capable of accomplishing them. (And have a plan to bring them to life).


Tap into your feminine power. To trust and follow the callings from your soul and intuition, and to experience flow, ease and receivership at a whole new level. 

Be so internally anchored, connected & free that your external life is elevating beyond your wildest dreams; your work is rewarding, your business is soaring, your love life is more dreamy then ever, you're connected to & in deep reverence of your body, your bank balance is rising, opportunities are flowing to you... life feels delicious.

Lets get down to the juicy details

An immersive and potent 4 month 1:1 container crafted completely to you, weaving together coaching & energy work to support you at the highest level. 

​8x 60 minute Coaching Sessions.
We'll meet fortnightly and have life altering conversations that will simultaneously ground and expand you.

Hello rapid rising!

3x UNBOUND: Energy Healing sessions 
Aka where magic happens. Deeply transformative healings; Clear limiting beliefs, release emotional baggage

and feel deeply aligned and connected to your power.

High level Support via Voxer between sessions

Tailored resources, worksheets & practices to keep you moving forward & steeped in your power.

(All calls take place over Zoom meaning we can work together from anywhere in the world)


£2,250 in full

Payment plans available from £282 a month.

The truth is you are someone who is already in conversation with your intuition, who is already making moves, who is already meeting her edges.  But you're ready to go deeper.

To be seen and held powerfully by a coach who gets it, so you can put down your protective armour and breathe freely. 
To witness yourself so clearly, all your doubts are dissolved.
To hold the deepest conviction of your brilliance and be seen as the powerful leader, creative, coach or healer you are.

To live with your heart wide-open, welcoming the riches life has to offer you.

It's time to rise into your truest potency & power, your liberation awaits

Due to the high level of support I give to each woman, spaces to work with me are limited and they fill fast. My books are currently full and I'm now welcoming

clients for a July 2024 start.


I was searching for myself, for the truest version of myself. I met Emilia, and through her incredible coaching I watched my life transform. 

I worked through feelings of shame and worthlessness and now feel empowered to do whatever I set my mind to. My physical, mental, and spiritual health has improved and I now find myself at ease in my body.

I am developing skills to achieve my professional goals. I have strategy and balance in my finances.  Her kindness, insight, and soulful coaching was truly a gift that I encourage all women to give themselves.  It has forever changed my life for the better, and I could not be more thankful for her and our experience together.

~Chelsea T

Chelsea Pic.jpg

Looking back now it’s hard to believe that everything I achieved happened in just 3-months!

In that time I successfully launched, sold out & ran my first ever group coaching programme, signed multiple 1:1 clients, created a second group course, exceeded my financial income goals AND took the leap to go full-time in my biz! 

If you had asked me 3-months prior if I thought that was possible, I would have said it sounds way too good to be true, but I’m the living, breathing proof that following your gut, cultivating deep self-trust & getting the right support can take you to the places you’ve only every dreamed you could go! 

~Chelsea G

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