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I believe you are worthy & capable of living an extraordinary life 

It is my deepest passion to support big hearted, high achieving women, like you, to absolutely flourish. 


I use energetic healing, embodiment & life altering conversations to support you to unlock your innate wisdom, embody your wholeness and live from your deep, feminine power- so you can experience life from the over flow. 

I'm hella good at helping people get out of their heads & into their hearts  

My absolutely belief is that you are already complete and whole. I will hold you from this space and in doing so help you release the layers that have been preventing you from witnessing your true & potent power.

I deeply know that you have all the answers within, that you are innately wise…my role is to support you to find those answers, And my joy is to help you see yourself more clearly. 

Becoming a coach & energy worker is hands down the best thing that has ever happened for me. I live for this life-altering work that I have witnessed be so impactful in peoples lived. I care fiercely and there is nothing that brings me bigger joy then to witness heart-led women stepping into their power and living a life they once dreamed of.

A woman who is steeped in self-worth, love & trust is a woman who changes the world.

Eight years ago you would have found me in a very different place. 25 year old Emilia was consumed by an eating disorder, in a stifling career (where I'd spend all week dreaming of the weekend) and often felt deeply isolated (even though I was surrounded by others and perceived as confident, sociable and the 'life of the party').  

I was living a life that on the outside looked perfectly adequate, good even, but on the inside I was deep in a place of feeling worthless, giving away too much of myself, and experiencing many, many moments of thinking "This can't be all there is to living.

My relationship with my intuition at the time pretty much sucked. I would get whispers of it coming through, but I didn't trust it or myself enough to follow the cues. I'd push down my innate wisdom, numbing myself out from the pain I was experiencing and convincing myself happiness was just a smaller-sized-body away.

But our intuition doesn't give up on us. It will keep beckoning, whispering, even hammering at our hearts if it has to, in order to call us into our truest alignment, our deepest power and our wholeness.

As mine continued to beckon me, calling me forward, I began to make choices and changes (even with fear swirling within me) to bring me into alignment. I began healing my relationship with my body,  taking myself on a journey of self-enquiry and re-gaining my sense of self worth, deservingness and safety. I purged what was no longer working (quitting my well paying, yet soul sucking, day job and leaving certain friendship groups) and instead created space for something good to find me. 

In 2017 I began training as life coach. My own journey of self-enquiry was (and still continues to be) so deeply profound that I knew this was something I wanted to help others with. By 2018 I launched my coaching business and the rest, as they say, is history.


Over the last six years I've supported hundreds of women as their coach, and in more recent years also weaved in the magic of energy work; facilitating even deeper healing and life-transforming shifts for my clients. 

I've had the pleasure of working with ​coaches (both established and starting out), CEO's, doctors, vets, teachers, healers, personal trainers & yoga teachers, graphic designers, multiple six figure business owners, corporate queens, mothers, PHD's fellows, managing directors, authors & musicians, nutritionists and so many more. 

The women who seek out my work are ready to cultivate a deep sense of freedom and trust within, ready to call out their smallness and unlock their potential. To step into their wholeness, live in a truly embodied way and to witness their dreams come to fruition.

Official Bio

Emilia Francesca is an internationally certified life & leadership coach and a qualified emotion code practitioner & energy healer.


Her work is devoted to supporting visionaries, professionals & powerful space holders to unlock their innate wisdom, embody their wholeness and live from their deep, feminine power, so they can excel in their lives and work. 

Emilia brings six years of extensive experience to her work; having supported hundreds of women in her signature programs, as well as facilitating & coaching for some of the largest global companies.


Through coaching methods, somatic work and healing practices, Emilia supports her clients to anchor into their wholeness, embody self leadership and move courageously through life.


A little extra flavour of who I am:

  • I was home-educated for all of my school years and my first time in a classroom was when I started college, age 16.

  • I met my Fiancé within 2 days of moving to the coast. In late 2021 I followed an intuitive 'nudge' and despite having never been there before & knowing no-one, I moved from London to Dorset. I arrived on the Monday. We went on our first date on the Wednesday and the rest, as they say, is history!

  • I'm a Leo, a Projector in Human Design, ENFJ and most definitely an empath.

  • I had a near-death experience whilst free climbing in Thailand  7 years ago and still thank the universe for saving my (horrifically bruised) ass.

  • I'm a Basic B*tch who lives for an oat milk latte, and one of my favourite activities is finding independent, artisan coffee shops wherever I go.

  • Moving my body & being out in nature is so important to me. You'll usually find me out running in the woods, weightlifting in the gym or joining in an occasional yoga class.

Important Note; I am not a counsellor or therapist. I'm a trained coach and energy worker and have the professional training and experience to guide you to make significant life changes, but this work doesn't replace psychological care. More info here.

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