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Kind words from a few of the incredible humans I've worked with



I was searching for myself, for the truest version of myself. I met Emilia, and through her incredible coaching I watched my life transform.  We worked together for a year and a half, during which time all facets of my personal and professional life began to blossom. 

My physical, mental, and spiritual health has improved and I now find myself at ease in my body.  I worked through feelings of shame and worthlessness and now feel empowered to do whatever I set my mind to. 

I am developing skills to achieve my professional goals. I have strategy and balance in my finances.  Her kindness, insight, and soulful coaching was truly a gift that I encourage all women to give themselves.  It has forever changed my life for the better, and I could not be more thankful for her and our experience together.


When I started with Emilia I had a dream of starting up a life coaching business. I had my coaching qualification and years of my own self development work under my belt And yet I had blocks and limiting beliefs holding me back from stepping into my dream. It was deeply frustrating, I was so close, I had come so far and yet, it still felt out of my grasp.

Emilia expertly helped me build up my self worth & self belief whilst simultaneously supporting me as I removed the stories and beliefs holding me back. 

Emilia helped me realise how capable and deserving I am of the life I deeply desired & how available it was to me. It was available to me because, as she beautifully demonstrates in her own business, it's about celebrating who you are and drawing out your unique experiences and interests.

Issie Freeman.jpg

I now believe (& know) that bringing all of me into my business is where the magic lies...taking away the layers and expectations of how a coach 'should' behave, left me open to step into how I, Issie, wish to behave and serve as a coach. I now fully embody the vision and values I aspired to before we started our series. Now I have a coaching business which feels true, authentic and deeply rooted in ME. I know with this foundation I have created with Emilia my business is unique and sustainable...I feel truly excited and confident about where my business as a coach is leading. I would highly recommend Emilia as a life coach. My experience from start to finish was nourishing and enriching. I am now a confident and capable coach and business owner. 



When I started working with Emilia I was struggling with so many limiting beliefs that were holding me back from truly being myself and sharing all of who I am in my business & I had no clarity, I was uncomfortable with my offerings & ease was definitely something I was lacking.
I now have new offerings, aligning them with what really feels good to me and what I really have to offer and I feel confident on selling them. I have manifested more opportunities, renewed contracts with 2 existing clients, raised my prices, created a workshop series for the year, and have a website that looks professional and aligns with me and my services.
The biggest change I've witnessed in my life and business is ease, ease and ease! Being able to truly trust myself & work on my terms. I now know what I am doing, I am an excellent coach, and I am capable of achieving great things. 

And that what I have to offer is Unique and people want to hear from me; they want more of me and my work. ​I (have) been able to truly let go of what no longer serves me and reconnect with the essence of how I want to do this. It gets to be easy, fun, real, authentic and it can still work. Actually that is when it starts really working.  I learned lessons I will carry with me for a lifetime, not only in my business but in my life. Thank you. 


Before I attended my initial session with Emilia I was slightly nervous. I had a done a lot of work before this point to address some of my mental health struggles and get to a place where I felt more comfortable and confident in myself. However I knew deep down there was more to be done but I wasn't quite sure how to go about it.​ ​Spending that hour with Emilia was fantastic.

Her openness and ability to create a space for you to talk honestly is incredible. I felt comfortable and safe with her, knowing all the while she was there to support and help me. Together we identified key areas that I wanted to make change in and ended up creating a beautiful goal that I would work towards. When she read it out loud to me it gave me goose bumps!

emily houghton.JPG

Not only did I come away with a goal but also a plan of action to help me move towards it. These actions were realistic in the sense that I could incorporate them into my daily routine but they were stretching and pushed me outside of my comfort zone. Emilia was on hand the whole time, if I had any questions or was struggling slightly then she was there by email or phone ready to support. Sometimes just knowing that was enough. The check in call came around so quickly I couldn't believe it!

Again it was so lovely to review the progress made and celebrate the positive changes I had made. I feel encouraged and able to continue on towards my goal after being given the insight and tools through the coaching session.


I feel extremely lucky to have been able to spend time with Emilia, she is incredible at what she does and I can't wait to see how many more people she helps to realise their potential.



Jessica Demunck Headshot.png

I can’t thank you enough for our  Soul Session, Emilia! It’s made such a difference; the perfect mix between mindset and biz coaching.
Before reaching out to Emilia, I was feeling disheartened as I wasn’t reaching my ideal clients in the ways I wanted to. I wanted to make a bigger impact and serve on a larger scale. I was hoping that our session would help me to gain clarity on steps to take to achieve this. Emilia helped me to remember the value that I offer as a coach. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that but I now feel confident in my services and excited to offer them to my ideal clients. My approach to business now feels more light and exciting. I now feel more confident in myself and am less likely to compare myself with others in my industry. (I now know) that my services are of high value and in recognizing that for myself, potential clients have an easier time recognizing that too. 


My (time) with Emilia truly changed my life. I come from a coaching back ground myself and I pride myself in constantly developing my strengths and mindset, but there were areas of my life where I felt trapped and I just couldn’t figure out how to take control.

Emilia listened closely to every word I said, and was able to pick out certain things, which I kept coming back to.  She was very understanding and at no point did I feel judged when sharing my weaknesses and struggles.

Emilia helped me come up with an empowering mantra to help me to feel more fulfilled with my life, and I can honestly say, I have thought about the mantra at least twice a day and it has helped turn the feeling of anxiety into moments of gratitude and triumph.

Victoria Spence.jpg

Emilia also allowed me to open up about things that have been on my mind, and even getting in the way of my life and career. She helped me set some mini goals to go away and work on, and although I didn’t do them all straight away, they were brought to the forefront of my mind and now, a couple of months later, I have taken action on all of them.

I couldn’t recommend Emilia's (coaching) enough. If you’re looking for a breakthrough in your personal life or career, Her kind and empowering nature will leave you feeling inspired and motivated to take control of your whole life". 




When I first came across Emilia online, I instantly knew she was the coach I needed. I was feeling a little stuck in truly connecting with myself on a deeper level and wanted to create complete trust in myself, the decisions I was making and to start making real shifts in allowing abundance in. I knew now was my time to shine. 

I was nervous, as this time my coaching would be over the phone. Surely this would feel cold and I'd find it hard to really connect with the stranger on the end of the line. Absolutely not! It was as though Emilia could really see in to my soul.

Her support was so beautiful and she really made me dig deep into what I needed to do and how I could get the best out of our time together. 

Going into our first session, I felt excited and nervous but in an instant Emilia made me feel completely at home. I knew what we would be covering and it felt like she transported me into another world. Where it was just the two of us. Time standing still but change happening all at once. By the end of our first session I knew the goals that I had created were so aligned to me and would support me in the journey moving forward.
The biggest change I have seen in myself is that I now choose to speak to myself in such a motivating, loving, caring and respectful way, the barriers (have) come down and I'm just so much less hard on myself. Loving yourself isn't really something you're encouraged to do or taught and Emilia helped me design what worked best for me.
It has been been really impactful working with you. Thank you so much for the energy and care you brought to every session.


(Working with Emilia) offered me a scared supportive space to up level and shift in my life and business. I felt lovingly held to go deep and heal and also had breakthrough moments of realising the blocks that had been holding me back from expansion such as burn out. The coaching offered a incredible opportunity for me to express from my heart and also to be inspired by other great coaches on the same journey as me. I experienced such profound shifts during my time in the container creating a group coaching programme, starting a new corporate wellness business and finally placing my needs in life as a priority.

I have been able to level up! I feel a lot more grounded and less overwhelmed by the "business" side of being an entrepreneur. 

42_Leanne __DSF2987_Claudia Leisinger - Leanne Evans.jpg

 I am now able to be able to manage my time and energy to grow two business. More opportunities are opening up and I feel big shifts in terms of my confidence and authenticity.



When I first connected with Emilia I was totally confused in my career, lacking direction and confidence. My health and fitness were suffering as a result and I was feeling tired, unfit and uninspired by my work life.  

By the end of our first session I knew exactly what it was that I needed to change in my life. And then exactly how to tackle these things in a way I’d never tried/thought of before.

 In the sessions we created actions that went deeper than I’d ever tried before and also were a far more intelligent way of approaching my goals.

They were specific and they took a step back, having me focusing on the things that may have set those goals up for failure when I’d tried in the past. It was a light bulb moment. The biggest change has been my energy levels.

By making changes to my diet and fitness I now feel like I can fit more into my day, and still have the energy later into the evening to tick more things off my to-do list.

I also am performing better in my job as my mind is sharper throughout the day, and this helps my confidence. This has also meant I have more energy; fully present and giving those people my 100%. I really appreciated everything Emilia had to recommend and found the coaching series to be empowering, innovative & productive. Thank you again - you were such an amazing coach!! 



(I worked with) Emilia as I wanted to pursue a career change but I needed help gaining clarity and direction. She too had been through the process of changing careers I knew she would be a coach that could relate to my situation and use her own personal experience to help guide me towards my true authentic self.

My Session helped me to establish achievable goals that would help progress me towards a job that I loved. Emilia asked me the right questions which made me really think about the things in my life that make me happy and how I could use these passions to find the right career for me.

Emilia's positive energy and openness allowed me to explore all the things that had been holding me back from fulfilling my potential and by the end our session I had a framework which would help me implement my dream of being self-employed. 


alice cooke.jpeg

After packing up my life in London and relocating to Sydney, I knew that the year that followed would be an emotional roller-coaster.
Tiny things that normally wouldn’t bother me felt HUGE without my support network around the corner and I found myself feeling very negative which was reflected in my behaviour. My Australian boyfriend (who I moved here with) did everything he could to help, but unfortunately he was the one taking the brunt of my mood swings, home sickness and rising anxiety.

I connected with Emilia via Instagram and booked myself on for a 12 week coaching series where we talked through my emotions and set realistic goals to help manage my feelings and work towards the Jamee that I wanted to be.

Through these sessions and exercises, I gradually started to change my behaviour and attitude towards certain scenarios and genuinely started to feel more content and more at peace than ever.

Whilst I know I will always miss my family in the UK, I understand that these emotions do not need to be reflected in my behaviour and I can use the skills gained through my sessions to stop and think before old tricks sneak back in. 
I am so pleased that I found the wonderful Emilia and would highly recommend her as a coach to anyone, in any country. We were 10,000 miles apart but it had no impact on the success of our sessions what so ever. 


When I first met Emilia I was juggling A LOT. I was working my full time corporate job, teaching part time at Psycle London, studying for my Personal Training certification, and preparing to start my life coaching training.

I had never worked with a coach before and so my expectations weren’t very strong. I never could have imagined possible what we were able to achieve together.

I was able to dive deeper than I ever believed possible because of the trust she allowed me to feel with her. The way Emilia empowers you, challenges you and cheers you on allows within the first session to feel like you can take on the world, like ANYTHING is possible. The biggest change I saw in myself was the ability to trust myself, being enabled to put into ACTION what I wanted.

sarah elliot.jpg

I was able to actually break down what needed to get done and make it happen. Because of that I ended up leaving my day job. Something that used to be such a looming, big, intimidating thought, was broken down into manageable and achievable steps. Now I have the confidence that however big my dream may be, I can make it happen.

The main thing I took away was that we all have the ability deep down to get to where we want, but having someone with you, helping you, holding you accountable, it just allows it to actually get done! My dreams have become bigger, my perspective broader. Emilia’s coaching was the glue putting all my ideas and dreams together into a plan that I could run with.


It’s hard to put into words what Emilia has given me, because I really have reached more since working with her, than I ever thought possible. She is born to coach and her natural way of uplifting people is something I truly admire.


IMG-20150707-WA0004 (2).jpg

When I started to work with Emilia I was in the midst of a big transitional phase in my life; quitting my job & starting to work full time on my PhD while also teaching yoga and and having dreams of becoming a coach one day. There was so much opportunity but at the same time so much overwhelm and insecurity in that. I wanted to step out of overwhelm and paralysis. 

After just our first session I understood that all the dreams and visions of mine were actually possible and there was nothing standing in the way except my own fears and limiting beliefs. It was so liberating and an absolute game-changer for me. 

Something that came up again and again was to allow myself to listen to my intuition, let go of control and trust my inner guiding – and wow the joy that comes with it. 

I’m a very rational person so inviting that intuitive part of me on the journey made me feel so much more complete, authentic and at peace with myself. I questioned the fundamental motivations of what I do and why I do the things I do and started to act from a place of peace, excitement and joy instead of pressure, fear and unhealthy ambition.

This inner shift had effects on literally all areas of my life – work, relationships, leisure time and what my day to day life looks like.  

My coaching experience with Emilia was incredible and I am so grateful for the support during our time together. She is radiating with so much positive energy and high vibes, it’s absolutely contagious. She is so empathetic and makes it easy to open up and get to the uncomfortable parts you wouldn’t share with everyone. She’s a great listener and knows what questions to ask to help you find your own answers. I left every single call feeling empowered and so excited about what’s to come. 

(I now know) that no dreams are too big to make them reality and that, right where I am now, it is safe to already let go of stress, worries and control and to trust my inner guiding and enjoy the process.



Working with Emilia is a dream. I never properly understood what coaching could offer me and therefore was blown away by the value I gained from working with Emilia. 

This is a woman who knows how to ask the most precise and incisive questions because she is astute and an incredible listener. 

Emilia is confident in her guidance and never seems at a loss for how she can help guide you to your next break through. 

She is warm, positive and never once made me feel judged or bad about myself. 

Emilia puts so much into her work because she truly loves it and wants to help you realize just how magnificent you really are.

None of this is done in a cheesy or flimsy way. 


Everything about Emilia's delivery is grounded, authentic and real. The biggest take aways from my time with Emilia were moving into a real and active place of trusting myself and learning to recognize when I was playing small, sitting in a victim mentality and that I had the power to move into my bigness, to be the person that I was put on earth to be.

When I finished my three month coaching session with Emilia, there wasn't a doubt in my mind that our work needed to continue. Not because I felt like I wasn't enough but because she showed me the gateway to all that I can be. I knew that if she could help me create such profound shifts in my personal life, she could also help set my business on fire.



I wanted to take myself to that next stage in my career as a life coach but  felt like I didn't fully have the skills and knowledge on how to get myself there. I felt like there was a block that I needed to remove, I just wasn’t fully sure what that block actually was.

Emilia is real, honest, and herself; fully, proudly and completely, and gives you the space to be the same. Once given that space, it is amazing the powers you realize you have within you, From there, you really do begin to feel unstoppable.

I realised after the first session that I was part of the block standing in the way of my own process of moving forward with my own business and career as a life coach. 

I’ve become kinder to myself and actually allowed myself to slow down and not rush/push myself or focus on what everyone around me is doing. I have been focusing building my career slowly and with more care, focusing in more on what feels right for me, fills me up & what feels good to my soul. Emilia is a phenomenal coach, you just needed someone to believe in you and to make you believe in yourself enough to bring you forward.Emilia is that person. She is that coach.


Before I started coaching with Emilia I was in a state of disbelief and feeling like a fraud, I felt I wasn’t capable of what my heart knew to be true so in that I hid away from all my potential. I wanted to create an authentic me who had a voice, a community and working towards a business close to my heart ,which is coaching. My business has transformed massively. I am a lot more confident and know who I am not the labels put on me – I am a smart woman who has experience worth sharing and have a skill set to empower people. I am on the right path in my life and I always knew who I was I just neglected her. I have a lot to offer and I can use my voice to cater to my clients. 


I have no filter and have learnt to adapt that as a strength – It is not about moulding to the industry, it is about being me and fearless and trusting that my voice will be catered to that type of audience.I  had a coach that genuinely believed in me and I have learnt that I am a business women who can work on something that is heartfelt, meaningful and freeing to me.




When I started working with Emilia I was burnt out, reaching my upper limit and ready for a shake up. From the first session I was able to identify gaps, see my limiting beliefs and overcome them easily.  I was super excited to see what was going on underneath all the noice in my mind.

(As our work continued) I was able to apply a more relaxed approach to big monthly financial goals (and in turn hit them!) the way I share content, and everything in between. Thank you Emilia for being so present, insightful and considerate in our time together. I really enjoyed the process and the ACCOUNTABILITY!


To put it simply, Emilia changed my life. I came to her after spending a long time trying to improve my self-worth and confidence but I was stuck and just couldn't seem to move forward. I had no experience with coaching before and didn't know what to expect but from the very first interaction, Emilia was so warm and supportive and made sure I knew exactly what was ahead. She encouraged me and helped me achieve things I didn't think were possible! When I first set my goals, I wanted to believe that I'd meet them but to be honest I didn't.
A safe and open space from Emilia where I could reflect and be challenged through powerful questions meant I met my goals and more. She helped me breakdown the things I thought were holding me back and take charge of my own life. Without Emilia, I would still be hiding away and not letting my true self shine through. She is a fabulous coach and I'm so grateful to have worked with her.



Working with Emilia was an incredibly empowering experience. I was in a phase of transition in my life, both physically and in a career sense and Emilia guided me to realise that I was able to thrive regardless of the circumstances of my surroundings. We worked together to create goals and actions which had significant meaning in my life.

The growth I envisioned at the beginning of our time together was achieved and built upon more than I ever could have imagined.

Emilia builds strong relationships with her clients to truly understand them at their core, allowing for deeper work to be covered and impactful transformations to occur. With the strategies gained from working with Emilia, I now interact with the world around me in a truly purposeful and fulfilling manner, which really is an everlasting gift.


When I first started with Emilia I was in the initial stages of my business & stepping into actually putting myself out there as a coach and wanting to attract clients in. In my life I was pretty stable – but my mindset around building a business was the biggest gap.

I was struggling with how to structure my business, what I should be doing, how to step into attracting my ideal clients and how to structure my content in a way that was attracting.

I knew after the first session that this was going to be great, for my business, but more for me personally in terms of how I was going to connect with myself, my intuition, but also my business.

I’m now much more willing to just put something out there and see what happens. I was too focused on needing things to be perfect or ready before I put them out there, but since working with Emilia I’ve been open to just popping it out there and seeing what happens.


It’s flowed into so much of how I show up as a person. I’ve also learned to look at things with a different lens, I’ve welcomed in more ease and I’ve allowed myself to be more open to different opportunities, even ones that don’t look “exactly” as I had imagined.

Now I’m coming from a place of ease, curiosity and excitement, more is finding me which is amazing.

I surprised myself with how much I have already achieved, i.e. paying clients, running workshops and company sessions, and been invited for more collab opportunities. Thank you for holding a beautiful space for me, It was incredible and I wished it was longer.



When we first connected I had just signed-up to train as a coach and was full of hope as well as fears & self-doubt about my future and whether I could become a coach.

I wanted to trust my intuition regarding my decision to become a coach as well as find my inner peace and start listening to myself more.

The biggest change is that I know who I am and what I want and that makes me smile every time I think about it. I am really happy with my life and my choice of becoming a coach. Life is a never-ending process of learning, but it is so much lighter & brighter when you know who you are. And above all: I trust myself.

You were so lovely, encouraging, motivating and above all made space for me that I felt safe and could trust you 100%... after just a few minutes talking to you. That felt great.

Further, I loved it that you made me verbalize and write down my goals. It made them tangible.

I have learned to trust myself, to face my fears and to love myself as I am. And as soon as I realised that I got requests from friends of friends regarding a coaching series and started coaching.

Thank you for our wonderful six month coaching series, for being yourself and letting me be myself as well. For challenging, encouraging and motivating me. I am ever so grateful for this life changing & mind blowing journey.


I met Emilia by pure synchronicity and grace. I am so thankful to have met her as she has made a significant impact in my journey after just 2 coaching sessions. I have spent a large amount of my life involved in the self-healing work that many of us have been called to undertake. However, the paradigms I had built shaded so much of my experience that I needed help outside of myself. Looking back, what I needed at the time was a hammer to knock down the walls I had built. Emilia became the first hammer, and a catalyst to what became a year of fundamental transformation. I met Emilia as a suggestion from a friend. My friend wanted me to figure out if Emilia “was the real deal”. I can attest that Emilia indeed is an authentic, caring, and enlightening coach. She has a feminine energy which is so needed in our lives, particularly when she is guiding us through layers of our consciousness we hardly ever question. I came to Emilia an ungrounded workaholic with little boundaries. After our sessions, and a lot of personal healing work, I am a woman owning her own life purpose, happier, healthier and ready to manifest my wildest dreams. Emilia’s help was a key catalyst to the start of a more evolved journey towards self love. Thank you Emilia.




When I started my coaching series with Emilia I had just moved to London and I was feeling very overwhelmed and anxious.

After our first session I realised that I was pretty anxious and quite negative about myself. Throughout the sessions a lot happened in my life – good and bad – I noticed myself dealing with the bad a lot calmer and more mindfully then what I would have usually.

In particular when my contract at work ended, I was philosophical about the change and looked at it as an opportunity for something better and more aligned with my goals and in turn I think more opportunities have arisen which are more aligned with what I want to do! Thank you so much for an amazing coaching series, whatever has been going on I always felt so much more in control after speaking with you. I noticed such a huge shift in my mindset, and my routines, throughout the series. 

​I have been noticing myself slowing down and being more present in my day – whether it’s at work or sitting on the tube – I feel so much calmer and content with myself.  I believe this has set me up to deal with whatever life throws at me and left me excited (rather than anxious) for my next step –thank you, thank you, thank you!


I’ve definitely surprised myself in how much I achieved personally in a short space of time. I was feeling quite lost and overwhelmed when we first connected. I had some big ideas on what I’d like to do with my life but had no idea how to ground myself enough to get clear on what I REALLY want and get stuck into making that happen.

I’d worked with business coaches but never a life coach before and honestly, I had no idea what to expect! 

 (By the end of that first session)I knew the career I was working on was the wrong one, I just needed a place to vocalise that so I could focus on the mammoth task of changing direction! I felt really uplifted, It definitely felt right to be working with a coach and even having someone to discuss things with immediately shifted things for me and helped me feel more clear on where I was headed.


 I feel 100x more grounded and confident in my ability to know myself. I was always second guessing before which often had me going round in circles- now I feel really confident to shed what no longer serves me and to keep moving forward and getting excited about the new. This has impacted my trust in things working out (as opposed to constant worry) and my general level of happiness on a day to day basis (with myself and those around me). 

 My biggest take away has been to keep focusing on what serves me right now as opposed to over-worrying about the future and thus not making any moves! Thanks so much for your energy and space, it’s had a wonderful impact!



I feel way more myself and confident in who I am as a person and a coach than I ever have before. 
I knew I had to get real with myself and I knew I had to face the fears I had brewing inside. I knew I would be a transformative experience for me which excited me but equally scared the shit out of me. I now am way more trusting in myself and my abilities.

I show up to life and my coaching biz with more confidence and certainty in myself

I see more of what is available to me now. I tap into my intuition SO much more now. That has been a game changer for me - it’s so comforting and reassuring. 

I've welcomed in new paid clients, increased my prices, created two new 1:1 coaching offerings, (I have) more structure and clarity in my biz and more fun, more creativity.

Having someone be a shiny example of what I want to do be doing has been huge for me. SEEING you do it, having you coach me and observing you shine has just proved that it is possible for me too.  THANK YOU for everything, you are the best. I am so freaking glad that the universe brought you into my life last year and I know it's not the end either.


MICHELLE (12 of 15) (1).jpg

(Before Coaching) I felt really scattered, and lost in terms of achieving my goals.  I knew that I wanted to pursue music but I found it tricky to actually take steps towards it. I struggled with structuring my days and managing my time. I felt really overwhelmed with everything I had to do in day-to-day life, like I was going through the motions of living in a big, crazy, city and exerting my energy in all the wrong directions, feeling quite lost and anxious.

The main thing I took away is that everything is connected in a weird and wonderful way. Life coaching was far more holistic than I anticipated. I now realize that in order to progress in my passion projects, I need to look at the bigger picture and analyze whether I'm looking after my mental, physical, spiritual and emotional health. I’m much more attuned to how all

these aspects of my life feed into each other and how, for example, it’s just as important to nourish my emotional wellbeing by meditating every day as it is to carve out time to produce music.

I’m feeling decisive, confident and strong as a music producer taking the reins of my own solo project. It’s manifesting itself in that I’m carving out chunks of time in my every-day life to work on my music. I’m prioritizing it and it feels great.

I (now) know I’m capable of everything I’ve achieved so far, and much, much more! A massive thank you, it was an enlightening and positive experience working with you!



(I’ve learnt) that the more I embrace my true self and show up as me, the more I will attract my ideal clients, enjoy my business and run it with ease and flow.

(when I first started with you) I was about to finish my life coach training and was overwhelmed with all the ‘stuff’ I knew I ‘should’ set up for my business and I wanted to find how I wanted to run my business authentically, without setting things up that didn’t inspire me just for the sake of it.

By the end of the first session I realized I was ‘allowed’ to do EVERYTHING in my business my way. I gave myself permission to not hold myself to a previous choice I had made around my niche, that felt really expansive and like I could be myself more on social media. I gave myself permission to charge fully priced offerings, giving myself more ease and cementing my self worth.

I’ve welcomed more ease and practiced staying true to myself and embodying now how I want my business to look in future e.g. how I attracts clients, manage my face book group, show up on Instagram etc.

Thank you for showing me that I can give myself permission to do things in my business more in my own way than I realized! I love thinking of how I want my business to be in the future and embracing that now. Thank you for being so supportive, non-judgmental and offering to switch to life coaching and allowing the coaching series to flow with what I most needed in the moment. (I now know) All I need to be in my business is me.


(When I first connected with Emilia) I was at the beginning stage of my business, trying desperately to have more clients.I was stressed, anxious, attached to the results.

I now know my only focus is to be aligned to achieve success,  I have more compassion for myself. I allow myself to be seen in my imperfections. 
I have learned that I can trust my intuition and if it comes from a place of love and service it is impossible to hurt or do the “wrong thing” .

I have welcomed more clients, and made a new offering and definitely feel more joy, and ease.  My biggest change is my ability to trust myself in my business, to SEE when I am adding to my trust bank instead of withdrawing.

I have learned that right and wrong does not exist externally as long as it feels right for me.

Thank you for everything. you are an amazing coach, it felt 


so good to have you as my first coach. I would never forget what I have learned thanks to you. You are a true inspiration.     



Thank you, (this coaching was a) Life changing experience.

(When we first connected) I had moved back to the UK from Australia, where I resided for 5 years. It was a big change and I was hoping to gain clarity around what I really wanted and someone who was an expert at doing just that. 

Even though we spoke at a time in my life where I have never been busier, you were considerate, professional and always, always insightful. I only wish I’d had more time to focus on this as whenever I did put the time to it, the results were marvellous. You really helped me to realise that some of what I thought were negative traits i.e my panic mode, where actually positives – that ‘panic mode’ was actually what made me react, respond and get work done, quickly. Thanks again for everything. 


Going into my biz coaching series with Emilia, I was feeling quite scattered & overwhelmed with my business. I had so many ideas of what I wanted to do but was lacking clear direction as well as the self-belief that I could actually make my dreams a reality. From the very first session, Emilia put me at ease & helped me sink into a place of deep self-trust which created the foundations for our coaching series together. Looking back now it’s hard to believe that everything I achieved happened in just 3-months! In that time I successfully launched, sold out & ran my first ever group coaching programme, signed multiple 1:1 clients, created a second group course, exceeded my financial income goals AND took the leap to go full-time in my biz! If you had asked me 3-months prior if I thought that was possible, I would have said it sounds way too good to be true, but I’m the living, breathing proof that following your gut, cultivating deep self-trust & getting the right support can take you to the places you’ve only every dreamed you could go!

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I had the absolute privilege of having the opportunity to have Emilia coach me. Emilia was uniquely skilled to motivate and inspire me on my journey towards more happy, balanced living. 

She is knowledgeable in goal setting, intrinsic motivation and defining priorities which helped me to set solid, realistic goals for myself.

She is patient and understanding and makes you feel in charge of your life. What sets Emilia apart though is her endless positivity; encouragement and praise that helped me align my goals positively rather than feel like tasks to do. Emilia is a great coach and I would highly recommend her to anyone.


When I came to the coaching series with Emilia, I was feeling stuck in certain areas of my life. I was feeling down about my body, out of tune with the universe, and fearful about money.  

My goal was to create harmony in these three areas.The biggest change I witnessed was movement towards what I wanted to achieve.  I was able to create clarity around how I was feeling and which direction to move in. There is still work to be done, but I feel closer to achieving my goals and that layers have dissolved.

I was really able to hone my focus around my goals through our conversations and her careful questioning. Concentrating on actions and being held accountable was very helpful, I am grateful for the time we spent together and it was an enjoyable, revealing, action oriented coaching series!


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During my time with Emilia, I launched a new coaching offer, finished my website, created a ton of content, grew my email list, and started to work with my ideal clients.

Everything I do feels more aligned and more intuitive than before. I trust myself now and know that my business will grow. I have confidence in myself and my abilities as a coach and am excited about all the things ahead.

And what is even more important for me:  I lost the fear of showing up, tapped into abundance and receiving energy, started to take consistent and aligned action, and am more determined (and convinced) than ever before that I will make my coaching practice a successful business. I grew not only as a coach but also as a person.

I am now 100% convinced that I will make my coaching a successful business. Working with Emilia has not only provided me with the relevant tools and business advice but helped me to develop trust, a strong mindset, and confidence. 

(I now have) This deep sense of trust that is based on the inner work that we have done. 

Thank you so much for absolutely everything, Emilia!

Working with you was not only amazing from the business side of things, but also personally such a joy!

The work with you goes way deeper than I am realizing at this point in time- I know that it set the basis for all the things to follow and can´t wait to see how our time together will influence everything I will be doing in the future.


(when I started working with Emilia) I was working through my health and life certification and was struggling with feeling overwhelmed, unsure of how to best create and structure my business and how to best utilize my time. Emilia was amazing to work with. She helped guide me through my journey,and helped me create a plan and process that felt good and natural to me. I recognized that what I thought I had to do was all in my head. I could create a workflow that felt authentic to me, and I didn’t need to do what

others did.

I have given myself permission to be fully myself, and honor what I need in

life so my business doesn’t run me. I no longer feel like I need to post on social everyday, or create certain posts/stories each week.

My confidence in my skills as a coach and a therapist have grown dramatically. Through our work together, I was able to recognize how much my job as a social worker 

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connected to my passion for coaching, so I am in the process of starting my own private social work practice, where I will be best able to combine my passions and interests.The most important and the thing that has really changed the most is (that I'm now allowing and trusting) being true to myself. I recognize that my journey may take a number of turns before it settles, and that’s ok.

The most important thing is that I am doing what feels true to me, and the rest will fall into place.



There’s no doubt that my life has changed in the 3 months we worked together, it’s been a wonderful and soul-affirming experience and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
I always had the idea of the work I wanted to do as a coach and how I would like my business to look, but I didn’t fully believe it was possible. I thoughtI had to do things a certain way, at a certain time etc. I thought I needed a certain structure and way of working for me to be successful, but now I know that I don’t. Now I give myself permission to listen to my inner knowing and to trust in that. 

The knowledge that I can listen to my heart and fully trust in myself. That I don’t have to be anyone other than myself and that what I want for my life and business is perfect, because it’s aligned with me. That’s changing my life, not just my business. I’m working in ways that are truly aligned to me and my values. 

I looked forward to every single session with you Emilia because I felt seen and heard. You hold such a beautiful and relaxing space. You made me feel so comfortable to open up and be myself and you helped me to see things I hadn’t allowed myself to before. I can’t put into a sentence how thankful I am for that.


I was very new to my biz, looking for insight advice when we started together. (Since then) I’ve been able to move into a place of self-belief as I launched and sold out my first group coaching program!  

I increased my prices and launched with ease and confidence, (selling out my group program and signing 1:1 clients)– which felt so

good! I gained greater confidence in me as a person, and in me in my biz, with the help from Emilia.

I have learnt that alignment as a coach, is everything. If I am in alignment,

then I can help the women I work with to be in alignment. I love the heart and soul work we did together and I love the way in which I was able to connect with myself to an even deeper level. She showed me how to achieve my goals, and then how to dream even bigger! Thank you so much for everything in our time together! I would never have come to this place of greater and deeper connection, without you!          

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I have had the most fabulous coaching experience with Emilia, which far exceeded my expectations (and they were high to start with!).  With Emilia’s expert guidance and support we created three goals that seemed scary and exciting to me at first but, as I look back over the three months of coaching, I'm amazed at how my thinking and my life has changed.  I felt in safe hands with Emilia; she listened closely and asked insightful powerful questions that helped me to understand, and let go of, what had been holding me back.  I’d always been a goal setting person but had never before achieved them in such a powerful way.  Emilia’s professionalism and training, combined with her innate intelligence and wisdom, makes her an amazing coach and I look forward to working with her again.


When I first reached out to Emilia, I had been in business for just a few months, and although I was slowly growing as a coach and business person, I knew I needed more guidance. I talked with a few other business coaches, and found their sales process off-putting. There was no heart in it. Then, on the recommendation of one of my classmates, I emailed Emilia, and after our discovery call, I was 100% sure she was the coach for me. She has a very gentle but confident nature that really resonated with me, and I was excited to get started.

Emilia helped me get my mindset stabilized immediately, and things started to flow better for me in my business right away. During our time together I more than doubled my rates due to her helping me get clear on my money goals and mindset. Emilia helped me get my messaging and website looking and feeling more authentically “me”. 

Leah- print-6.jpg

I also learned a lot about how to be a great intuitive, soulful coach by being coached by her. I felt like I could be vulnerable and was able to work through some tough emotional blocks. 

Emilia was extremely supportive and gave amazing reflection and feedback throughout our work together. Her approach is very different from many business “strategy coaches”. She’s more “heart-centered”, supporting you to use your own inner wisdom to guide your business development. I highly recommend her for that reason andthat’s exactly what I wanted and needed at that time. I’m REALLY glad I started by coaching with Emilia because it helped me get my business started from a truly heart-centered, authentic place.



When I first reached out to Emilia, I was struggling to get my website up and running. As a copywriting coach with a new business to launch, I was putting myself under so much pressure to create the “perfect” website and I knew my own self-doubt was holding me back from getting it finished. I was also confused about my different offers and needed some help untangling my ideas. 


I was drawn to Emilia’s warm, radiant energy from the moment we connected, and I knew I had found a coach I could trust and share my inner self with. Emilia is not just a wonderful business coach, she’s like a magic partner who perfectly balances spiritual awareness, intuitive attunement and just “being there” with great business sense and super-creative ideas inside a sacred container.

Being able to voice with her what had only been in my head or on paper and having it reflected back to me in such a powerful, positive and supportive way helped me to get so much clarity around the vision and foundation for my business. I also got plenty of “aha” moments and some unexpected downloads around my niche and my purpose which would not have come to me if I hadn’t had Emilia holding the space for them to come through. And the energy healing sessions were a beautiful bonus which really helped to clear some of the emotional and mindset blocks that had been getting in my way. As I journeyed deeper, I found myself feeling more and more empowered to create some positive changes in other key areas of my life including my spiritual practices, my physical well-being, and my professional life, allowing me to live in a more soul-aligned way while I build up my business (instead of waiting for my business to launch for my life to get better!).


I now feel excited and confident about running my dream business, more aligned with my higher purpose, and a hundred thousand steps closer to living the life I was born for. The best thing is that I’m now able to reflect this alignment in my website copy in a way that would not have been possible without having Emilia as my business coach, energy healer and magic partner. And I’m finally on the road to getting launched!


If I had one word to describe Emilia and my experience with her, it would be magic. 


Emilia has this way of holding space where you not only feel comfortable being yourself, you feel inspired and liberated to show your soul to the world.  

You don’t just feel comfortable sharing every unnecessary detail of your life with her, you feel this overwhelming sense of freedom to thrive in every way that your soul has always asked you too. 

I’ve worked with Emilia for over a year now. When I was struggling getting any clients as a coach, after working with her for 3 months I had 4 paying clients. When I had lost nearly all of my self worth after ending a very difficult relationship, she ever so lovingly and gently brought me back to my


heart. When I moved across the world to a different state and didn’t know what I wanted to do next, as I felt so lost, she reminded me that I can never be lost and that everything is always happening for me, and that the timing is always perfect. 


Emilia has this way of meeting you where you’re at always, so you never feel behind - you never feel lost. She always sees you and holds you to your highest potential, where you get this sense of self love and self worth and life just flows and makes sense. 

I can’t write a light review about this one. She has whole heartedly changed my life forever, and I will always be grateful. 


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