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UNBOUND: Energy Sessions

Transformational Energy Healing, Emotion Code & Channelled Guidance.


For big-hearted, ambitious women who are ready to clear what's holding them back and experience all they desire in life, love, health, work & business


You're a powerful woman who's

holding out on a vision of something more

Do you ever feel that the life you dream of living sits just beyond your reach? That if you could just move through, heal or clear that final piece then everything would fall into place?

It's time to master your energetics and upgrade your internal world so your external reality can become the glorious, easeful, fulfilling and successful life you've been dreaming of.

UNBOUND is the missing piece you've been looking for.

I created Unbound for a specific type of woman- for the woman who is already working on herself, for the woman who gives so much to others, and for the woman who deeply appreciates all that she has and yet can't let go of her yearning for something more. Because spoiler alert: What you want, wants you too.

Is this for you?

  • You often feel like you're ‘waiting’ for your life to truly begin. You're constantly trying to get ‘over there’ or achieve the next goal in life so that you can finally relax and enjoy yourself.


  • You stretch yourself *so far* in life only to stop or pull back when your belief or confidence waivers. Leaving you feeling that you’ll never reach the true level of success and fulfillment you crave (and that deep down you know you're capable of).


  • You're finding that no matter how much of ‘the work’ you do, things just aren't happening for you. Whether that be with your health and energy, your love life, your relationships, your bank balance, your career, your sense of peace….There’s an unknown block preventing things from being where you want them to be, and no amount of  journalling, meditating or coaching is getting you there.

  • You wish you had real, long-lasting, embodied confidence and belief in yourself. You're ready to feel free from the doubts so you can go after what you truly want. 


  • You want a real release from the overwhelm, anxiety, grief or exhaustion that's holding you back. 

Take a deep breath with me and imagine how it would feel to ...

Know deep within your bones that everything you wish to be, do and have is available to you, and begin witnessing it fall into place more effortlessly than ever before. 


Embody a true sense of feeling wholly and completely enough.


Trust yourself so deeply that you go after all you want in life, work and biz without a second thought.


 Feel at home, safe, fully connected to and landed in your body.


Move through life with ease and presence, always held in a deep knowing that life is working for you. 


Feel deeply energised and alive, connected to yourself and lit up by your life.


Feel with every part of your being the true sense of freedom you were always seeking.


The sessions with Emilia helped to shift feelings and beliefs that I've struggled with for years. I have been working on my self-confidence for a while, but even though I could tell myself I was good enough, I didn't actually feel that at a deeper level until Emilia supported me to release the trapped emotions that lay underneath the surface. I now feel more confident and trusting, and both my work and personal life feel lighter and more balanced. I really enjoyed the process too - the sessions felt easy and relaxed (but still very impactful!), and I always came away feeling cared for and inspired. I would definitely recommend Emilia and this work.

-Anna May, grief guide and writer


will empower you to: 

  • Dismantle limiting beliefs and old stories that have been holding you back for years so that you feel innately worthy, walk through life with confidence and experience unwavering self-trust.  


  • Clear trapped emotions so you can meet yourself as the whole, complete and worthy human you are. Experience deep love and connection in your relationships. Be alive with excitement and passion for your work, reach new heights with money and business, and move through the world feeling bloody fabulous.


  • Reclaim your energy through deep Energetic field & Chakra clearing and energetic cord cutting so you feel restored and vibrant in your body and mind.


  • Anchor into positive beliefs so you feel unstoppable in the most grounded, deepest way. Hold an unwavering sense of faith & trust, and rise up, calling in all you desire and living out your true potential.


  • Clear your 'Heart Wall' and feel more spaciousness, love and ease within yourself and your life. Be deeply connected to your heart and create positive effects in your relationship with yourself, your partner, your family and friends.

What makes UNBOUND so powerful?

The Unbound sessions are a transformational method I created weaving together Intuitive Energy Healing, The Emotion Code (a modality created by Dr Bradley Nelson) & Channelled Guidance.

 I work with your subconscious & energetic field which enables us to heal the root cause of what’s been holding you back in life (mentally, emotionally or physically) so you can create life lasting changes.

From letting go of the beliefs that have been hindering my progress, to sinking into my worthiness and receiving abundant income, love and space for all that I envision in my life; My energy healing sessions with Emilia were truly transformative.  These sessions are DEEP. They have helped me to connect with myself in ways I could never have imagined when operating purely from my conscious mind and they have unlocked space for me to embody my values and my work daily.

The true benefits of these sessions are hard to put into words. The feelings of lightness, anchored worthiness and incredible clarity define how I move forward after every session. Having Emilia guide me within these sessions is truly magic. She creates a space that is safe to be seen and heard in my most authentic state and for that and so much more, I highly recommend her.

-Michelle Weeks, Coach


Hey Gorgeous Soul, I'm Emilia.

I'm an Internationally Certified Intuitive Life & Leadership Coach, Certified Emotion Code Practitioner and Energy Worker.


I support women to reclaim their birthright of feeling worthy, deserving and safe  and to be connected to their innate wisdom & power so they can be who they came here to be and have all they desire.  

A woman who is steeped in self-worth, love & trust is a woman who changes the world. 

I love to weave together different modalities so you can be served in the richest and most beneficial way whilst in my space. In UNBOUND I hold a safe and powerful space- bringing to life a container where you're able to connect with Source energy, access the deepest parts of yourself, and receive deep clearing and healing. Within these sessions you'll be reminded of how powerful you are and how you truly are your own greatest healer.


Since having my Heart Wall cleared, I've never felt more myself and more sure of who I am! I was feeling lingering tension and resentment in a particular area of my life and knew I needed support to shift out of that low vibrational energy. I didn't know what to expect but I trusted Emilia fully. Emilia held space for me in such a beautiful way and guided me through the process of clearing my Heart Wall. I came out of each session bouncing and full of energy! Especially, our final session- I think we giggled the entire time and both felt so high on life! I would definitely recommend the experience to anyone who is ready to let go of their old baggage and move forward feeling free and full of self-love! 

- Jessica Mason, Wellness Coach for Teachers


Are you feeling called into a new way of being? 

UNBOUND is for the courageous big-hearted women who are ready to meet themselves at an even deeper level, land into their wholeness and experience real lasting change.


Get a taste of the power of UNBOUND by booking your first session below.


Once you have had a taste of UNBOUND and received your first session, you are invited to immersive yourself in the full UNBOUND experience. Comprising of five sessions, over a 2-4 month period, this powerful container enables you to go deep with your energetic & physical healing and experience long lasting change.


I absolutely LOVED my sessions with Emilia!  UNBOUND felt like erasing the things that were holding me back. I noticed shifts both immediately after the sessions and also during the weeks following. Knee pain that had been bothering me disappeared! I’ve become more confident in the areas we worked on and have noticed tangible changes in how I’m showing up in my business and the action I’m taking. The sessions themselves were so easy for me and I always looked forward to having them. The great thing about these is how simple and easy it is, anyone can do this and everyone who can, should. If you’re curious about it then follow that curiosity, you won’t regret it!

-Emma Argent, Projector Coach


What can we work on together? 

The beauty of this work is how it can support you in almost any area of life. Here are just some of the things I've supported clients with: stepping into leadership, claiming their gifts and sharing them with the world, being visible in their business, clearing money blocks, releasing health anxiety, healing heartbreak, deepening self-trust,  embracing career changes or progression, healing their marriage, discovering themselves after big life changes, calling in a fulfilling relationship, creating six figures, releasing shame & anger, repairing the physical body (healing headaches, aches, pains, discomforts), and deepening self-worth, self-belief and self-trust. 

How does each session run?

Each session is conducted over Zoom. Energy knows no bounds and I'm able to connect with you and provide as deep a healing from afar as in person. Sessions run for 60 minutes (apart from the initial session in UNBOUND: the full experience which runs for 75 minutes). We’ll be in gentle conversation throughout, however something so many people love is that there is not much you need to do in these sessions at all, you can simply sit back and let me get to work for you!

How many sessions will I need? 

This is very individual work and the amount of sessions you’ll need will depend on what area we are working on together and the depth of healing required. Just as with any powerful modality (such as coaching, therapy, breathwork, etc) you will benefit most from having more than one session. You will likely notice and feel a shift from every single session, however you may need multiple sessions to get to the root of things and create profound, life lasting shifts. My invitation to you is to book in that first session and we’ll take it from there.

How exactly does it work?

I work directly with your subconscious and Energetic field, clearing and releasing trapped emotions, dense energies, and beliefs that aren't serving you. Our subconscious makes up 99% of our intelligence, knowing everything about every inner working of our bodies. When we trap emotions or dense energies our subconscious can use these  to frame our belief systems and mindset, and sometimes shape our physical health. The Emotional Baggage we hold (made up of trapped emotions & dense energies) can shape how we view ourselves, the world and what we believe is available to us and hold us in unwanted behaviours or mindsets.

I use my own methods shown to me by Source and also work with The Emotion Code™, an energy healing modality founded by Dr Bradley Nelson.  

My sessions with Emilia were profound but light.  I was amazed about how easy it was to get to the core of the issue we were working with, how deep we went in such a short amount of time, how much we cleared and how light I felt afterwards. The sessions gave me so much clarity. Emilia is super intuitive and I fully trust her and the work she does. Thank you!

-Ange Severo, Yoga Teacher & Life Coach

IMG-20150707-WA0004 (2).jpg

Working with Emilia was such a freeing experience. It felt like releasing old emotional baggage that I've been carrying around unconsciously.Emilia's energy is just amazing and I felt safe and seen every minute of our sessions together. After our sessions I felt lighter and more open and receptive which not only had effects on my health but also in all other areas of my life. If you think you might be carrying something with you that you want to release - Energy Healing with Emilia might be exactly what you need!

- Dorothea Muller, PHD Candidate & Yoga Teacher

Since (our sessions) I feel lighter, less anxious, and much more free. 

Before our sessions my heart felt heavy, and constricted. I was ready to release the wall around it but just didn't know how.

 It is difficult to put into words how my heart now feels;  more open and accessible, but I hope that you get a sense of this. I am a life and business coach, just starting out, and have signed new clients following my sessions with Emilia.

I can highly recommend Emilia, she is incredible adept at holding space, and only ever requires you to share what you feel comfortable with.  The connection between our emotions, well-being and health are becoming more evident. Getting more connected to your emotions is part of this and releasing trapped ones is essential.
-Joanna Mason, Life & Business Coach


I was really intrigued by what Emilia had shared on Instagram about these sessions. Before our session I wasn't sure what to expect but Emilia helped me to prioritise (what to work on) to make the most impact given what was going on in my life.
What came up really surprised me and the sessions were very therapeutic.
I'm now finding it so much easier to put my own needs first and am moving through any guilt that may come up - something that I've struggled with for years! Something that I didn't expect was that a lot of my emotions were trapped in my left leg - and I had a hamstring injury in that leg, so it made total sense.  
After the sessions my leg improved. I feel lighter and like I've had the release I needed. 

-Meg Sloan, Self Worth Coach

(Energy Healing with Emilia) was new to me & such an interesting experience! It’s very different from any therapy or coaching I had before; less cognitive and more energetic, which I loved, because I think true healing cannot be attained through the mind. It helped me see the impact certain events have had on my life, even ones that I didn’t expect or have thought about before. And it was a nice ritual to release those emotions and move on. Since our sessions I feel lighter and less connected to the past. I feel like I’m more of a blank slate, ready to experience new things. I can truly say I’ve made peace with some older chapters of my life nowEmilia is such a lovely and kind soul. Her energy is so nurturing and I felt really safe to express myself. I would definitely recommend working with her!

- Lisanne Van Der Werve, Photographer


I really didn’t know what to expect because I hadn’t experienced it before, But  the results have been so much better than I could have ever imagined! 

Emilia’s approach is very gentle. After every session I felt lighter and lighter and now I feel so much more ease especially within my business and my relationship with myself. I now feel so much more connected within myself and I find it easier to connect with others. I’m so happy I trusted Emilia to  introduce me to Emotion Code. For anyone thinking about investing in sessions with Emilia, I couldn’t recommend it enough. It is so worth it and you won’t regret it!

-Marina Pomar, Intuitive Coach

* Please note UNBOUND and all forms of Energy Healing I use are not a substitute for professional medical care.

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