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UNLEASHED: The Immersion
Master energetics, Fall deeply in love with your business
and experience your most elevated and successful year yet.


You're ready to recognise and live from your true power & innate wisdom, to witness your business effortlessly grow, and to experience deep peace and trust within yourself.

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What if your business got to feel as natural, easeful and deeply rewarding as the time spent with your clients does?


Only thing is, the weight of the business world is feeling a lot.


The constant thoughts of whether you're doing enough, living in the feast and famine of business and tired of wondering how to make money consistently,  burnout is looming and you can't help but question if you're cut out for xxx


You're ready to fall in love with your business again. 
To find the strength and unwavering self belief to go in and create monumental success.

You're ready to find out how to do business in the way YOU want to, to experience growth and success all whilst leading with integrity and authenticity. 


Through the magical combination of mindset and energy work, and practical tips, tricks and tools to create a sustainable and successful biz; UNLEASHED is here to activate you deeper into your gifts, your voice, your worth, your true potential so you can feel unwavering trust and belief and take big, bold action that rapidly expand your biz.


 Imagine deeply feeling *within every cell of your being* the trust and conviction you've been craving,

to be truly embodied in your work and business, moving through life feeling worthy, deserving and safe to be, do and have all you desire.

and having the space & encouragement to be take big, bold actions so that you can easefully create next level success in your work, life and biz.

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"This experience was EVERYTHING you could hope for and more! You will not be disappointed!"

UNLEASHED for me was the whole package. I felt like the balance of coaching, healing & masterclasses was just right and liked the fact that there was plenty of space to reflect and integrate in between, whilst also knowing I had Emilia and the group to turn to in the private group at any time which was SO supportive. The healing sessions blew me away! I really didn't expect to have such a powerful experience, but I had some BIG emotional releases and shifts as a result of these and to my surprise, enjoyed them the most! Just like anything Emilia creates, this experience was EVERYTHING you could hope for and more! You will not be disappointed!

How do I know if UNLEASHED is for me?

  • You're a coach, healer, teacher or service based business owner who cares deeply about your work.

  •  You've already learnt so much about the 'How To's in biz. You've worked with the coaches, done the programs and yet something still isn't working.

  • You're ready to be as much in love with your business as your work. For it to excite & energise you rather then leave you feeling fearful or frustrated.

  • You're here for the long run, that's for sure. But you sometimes find yourself thinking "Christ, I didn't think it would take this long!"

  • You're ready to have deep belief & trust be your default mode. Not something that comes and goes dependant on your mood.

  • And above all, You're ready for 2022 to be your year of deep expansion that serves you, your work, your biz, your nervous system and your bank account on every single level.

What you'll receive in our time together


Opening Ceremony

Land into the space and witness your mind, body and being open up to all that wants to come your way in biz.


3x Group coaching calls, 

Transformational coaching where you'll be held in your highest potential and witnessed exactly as you are in that moment. 

Live Trainings

Practical and powerful trainings covering; dissolving attachment styles in business, Selling, Sharing & Launching from an embodied place, Visibility & leadership and authentic content & client attraction.

3x Group Energy Work sessions

Life altering energy work that will dismantle the old programming and narratives that have been keeping you stuck in your business. We'll be covering; money, visibility, self worth and more.

2x Personalised 1:1 Distant Energy Work sessions 

A space for us to go even deeper in the areas where you need the highest support and want to experience game changing shifts.

Weekly masterclasses & teachings dropped into your inbox
Bespoke teachings and resources helping you to integrate everything you've been learning and take courageous action.

Community Space

The women that come into my spaces are like no other! Meet other like minded souls, receive support and sisterhood and share your wisdom and gifts

Between Call Support 

Receive deep guidance and support between coaching and energy sessions. 


Early bird investment of £649 or 3 monthly instalments of £220

Usually priced at £799

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 "I have embodied trust deeply and stepped into a higher frequency as a space holder and entrepreneur"

UNLEASHED allowed me to unapologetically step into my big dreams and desires for business and life. Mindset blockages and energetic blockages have been cleared, creating space for more trust, creativity and joy in business (and life too!). I am able to call in more ease and calmness and see my next steps for my business clearly. I'm excited for what's next, instead of dreading the unknown. I have embodied trust deeply. I've rekindled the connection I feel with my business.  I've stepped into a higher frequency when it comes to my spaceholding and the way I see myself as an entrepreneur. I have released fear around expressing myself and going after what I desire. I've embraced a new level of worthiness.


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"You will not regret signing up to UNLEASHED. It will allow you to make shifts in ways that have never felt possible before"

I loved the depths of the healing and transformation; It was probably the first time that my affirming thoughts and dreams of success felt REAL in my body. It was so reassuring to connect with other business owners and discover that there is no right way to makes sales.You will not regret signing up to Unleashed. It will allow you to make shifts in ways that have never felt possible before. It honestly felt like a giant sigh of relief and big warm hug all at the same time! I also feel a deeper sense of trust in myself, no matter what's happening, I'm going to make it work.


Ready to experience true ease and success in your business in the most aligned and sustainable way? 

UNLEASHED is the missing piece you've been searching for.

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