An intimate 4 month group coaching container supporting you to live out your most liberated, radiant and expansive life.

​Hey big hearted Soul,

Welcome in. I'm so honoured and hyped to be sharing Soul Led with you. 


A group container where we play a little differently.

Expect life transformative expansion, deep, personalised coaching, glorious connection with like minded, brilliant women and ultimately a space where you get to bring all of you. Where you'll be witnessed in your highest potential, welcomed just as you are and invited to ease-fully expand into your next level life.

We're not dipping our toe in the shallows here friends, we're choosing to blissfully swim in the deep ocean.

You're someone who already takes big, bold actions towards your dreams. You already tune in to your heart & intuition and you experience moments of trust & belief.  But now you're  ready to go from having fleeting moments of unwavering belief, to it being your natural frequency.  And you're so ready to go from feeling like you're 'waiting' to actually living and feeling deeply present in your life.

It’s time to claim who you really are, to  allow yourself to not only listen

to your soul but to align your external life with who you internally are.

To be the true leader of your life.

Because the truth is you're over playing small, pretending to 'not know' or slipping into letting external factors determine

your internal connection & energy. 

If you are ready to feel at home within yourself, to trust yourself so deeply so that you know you are beyond capable of whatever lies ahead...

If you have been craving support to follow the nudges of your inner knowing and expand into your next level...
If you are ready to feel free, to be in your fullest expression, seen in your true potential and held to the power of who you really are...

If you are calling out for heart full connections with like minded souls, and a space where you feel lit up by the energy of those around you…

If you wish you were able to fear less, so you can be more of who your truly are....


...Soul Led is for you.

Over four months we will journey together through a combination of fortnightly group coaching calls, 1:1 support and group experiences and masterclasses facilitated by incredible leaders.


What If:

You believed in yourself with unwavering ability all the damn time, not just  after meditating or when things are going 'right'?


You trusted yourself and felt so deeply worthy that anything you wanted manifested into reality for you?


 You no longer  felt like an outsider looking in to your life but instead felt fully landed, finally present and witnessing

all you have already created as well as seeing your highest self, your true potential?


You were truly able to move thorough your emotions and no longer needed to avoid them out

of fear of ‘getting stuck’ or ‘losing momentum’


 Rest went from being stressful and forced to pleasurable and natural.

You trusted your soul, heart & intuition so deeply you no longer let your doubts drive your decisions?

Fear was no longer hiding behind the corner, preventing you from living out the way you truly wanted and instead

you felt full body excitement to do the big things and live out your dreams?

Even the thing you have written off for being ‘too big’ ‘too far away’ or ‘too impossible’ was available to you?

desilesphotography (19 of 37).jpg

I don't do mediocre and I know neither do you.

Over the last three years I've been fortunate enough to coach nearly 90 women one to one. I coach brilliant, heart-led  souls who are ambitious & high achievers (though often they haven't even notice this within themselves), who are passionate about living a purposeful life and who even though sometimes their voice shakes and their belly flips and their doubts creep in, ultimately they know they have magic to share with the world and that they are ready to live an extraordinary life.

It is my biggest passion to support you in coming home to yourself, in stepping fully and unapologetically into your worth and trusting yourself so damn much that life no longer feels hard.


I've supported coaches, mentors, doctors, vets, teachers, reiki masters, personal trainers & yoga teachers, graphic designers, corporate queens, PHD's, authors, musicians & artists, nutritionists and so many more. I coach women who choose purpose & passion to be their guide in their work, who light up at the idea that their work makes an impact on the world and who feel fuelled by using their gifts and being of service to others.

 I believe whole heartily in the power of one to one coaching AND the magic and expansion that can happen in a group space where you are witnessed & held by a collection of like-minded souls.

Soul Led is quite simply the love child, a place where you get both, so that our time together can be life transformative.

 The theme on every call is YOU. What do you need, what does your heart want to express?

What feels like a life changing conversation for you

By the end of Soul Led you'll feel more you then ever,

all whilst having elevated your career/biz, relationships, energy, life & bank balance.

Soul Led has been the best investment on my own personal development I have ever made ~ Marina

How do I know if Soul Led is for me?

Imagine feeling like you could truly have it all. 

That you can have the beautiful, elevated, purposeful, spacious, abundant life you have been dreaming of . 


You're finally getting to bring all of who you are to the table; no longer second guessing if a certain part of yourself isn’t loveable, worthy or allowed.

You feel safe to be in the duality of who you are; you can be strong & feminine, wild & calm, loud & soft,  you welcome every part of yourself.

You know that every single one of your dreams is available to you,  that they are meant for you and that you are capable of accomplishing them.


You listen to, trust and follow the whispers from your soul and intuition. Above ALL else.

Trusting yourself more then you ever knew possible.

The things you once dreamed of having whether in your biz, work, romantic relationships or life are now

your every day lived out reality.

You're internally so anchored, connected & complete that your external life is elevating beyond your wildest dreams; Work feels uplifting, your business is soaring, your romantic & friend relationships are more dreamy then ever, you're connected to & in awe of your body, your bank balance is rising, opportunities are flowing to you, life feels easy.

If this is feeling so glorious to imagine, if you're feeling the pull for this to simply be the way life is, then you, my friend, are ready for the Soul Led life.

Let's get down to the juicy details:

8 x Fortnightly Group Coaching Calls

This is where the magic happens; our space for unfiltered, real, courageous and life altering coaching

conversations. You will receive as much time as you need on each call for you to feel that our coaching is complete.

3x Monthly Group Workshops from Incredible Guests

I'll be handpicking guest experts to match the frequency & needs of the group.
But, think interactive workshops like Breath-work or Somatic dance, 

And Masterclasses helping you learn about & lean deeper into yourself.

Two 1:1 Emotion Code Sessions with me

Private Emotion Code & Energy healing sessions to support you to clear limiting beliefs,

release emotional baggage and feel deeply aligned and connected to your power.

(Valued at £120)

In Depth Support,Guidance & Resources between calls

You will be part of a private Facebook Group where you can connect with the other brilliant women in Soul Led & receive support and coaching from me as often as you need.
I'll be creating (personalised to the group) videos, prompts & resources to support you to deepen your experience.


You'll receive free access to MANIFEST; a self paced course supporting you to harness the power of consciously manifesting so you can expand your world and bring your desires to reality.

(Valued at £159)

One 60 Minute 1:1 Coaching Call with me*

Sign up before 27th June and receive a sixty minute coaching session with me. A space for us to deep dive & create huge shifts. (Worth £233)

We begin July 2021.


Your Investment:

The Investment for Soul Led is £1111.

This is welcome to be paid upfront or broken down into a 3 or 5 month payment plan

(As little as £222 per month).

"I was searching for myself, for the truest version of myself. I met Emilia, and through her incredible coaching I watched my life transform."

~ Chelsea T

Join the Waitlist & receive first invite when space open up
and a special discounted price.


Is Soul Led also for Coaches or Biz Owners?
HELL YES! Honestly, I wish I could prescribe every coach and business owner a supportive coaching experience separate to business coaching. Speaking from personal experience, It is so deeply transformative to receive coaching and support in this way; I believe it's why I'm able to have a successful, continually growing, and deeply authentic biz. If you want a program specifically on Biz then I would suggest you joining the next round of Align & Thrive or apply to work me 1:1 in RISE UP. 
This doesn't mean we won't talk about your biz in Soul Led, you are welcome to bring anything to each call, it means we'll speak about you as a whole, not just 'coach you' or 'business you'. Who we are and how we are showing up in our lives flows into our business, the things we  believe we can achieve or are good enough for flows into our business.
When we are deeply connected to our soul, completely trust & believe in ourselves and feel truly worthy as a human being, that catapults our business to the next level.

If you are feeling a bit like the life, space, adventure, health or relationships you spoke about having once you had a biz is yet to come into reality because you always put your work first, if the balance feels off, if you are continually switched on to your work, if you are worried where the next client or pay check is coming from or  you feel like your sense of worthy is connects to your business and you feel like you want to bring more soul, trust, belief and magic into your business then Soul Led is a perfect space for you.

Is there a specific course curriculum or modules, What will we learn? 

My love, there are no modules, no curriculum. Think a 1:1 coaching experience but alongside a group of brilliant, powerful women. The theme is YOU.  The focus on each call is YOU.  The power and expansive transformation that takes place in these spaces is beyond anything a powerpoint is going to teach you. You'll connect with the core of who you really are, to your soul, and become your own biggest guide & leader. Between calls I will also create personalised videos & prompts for the group depending on the areas you need support with and I am hand picking the guest experts ​personalised to the group so that you get everything you could want out of Soul Led.

When will the group calls take place? How many will be in the group?
I envisage we will have women from a variety of time zones and countries so I'll confirm the official day & time of the group calls once everyone is enrolled. I have done this with every previous program I have run and it has always worked out really well, with everyone feeling happy with the times and able to make the group calls.

There will be no more then 5 women in each group and I will run up to two groups. This means that the Facebook group and monthly workshops from guests will be for ALL the women partaking in Soul Led. I love doing it this way because you still have the intimacy and deep space in your group calls AND you also get to connect with, grow and receive support from more likeminded souls.

Why is there an application process?

My biggest priority is creating a safe and expansive space for every single one of you. Therefore it feels right to have an application process which enables us both to see if Soul Led is the perfect fit for you. I promise you it's not an intimidating process but in fact a great way to start to feel into what you really want to achieve and who you are here to be.

What is the process after I’ve applied?

I will be in touch with you within 48 hours to follow up and the process may look different for each person. If we have previously worked together the process will look different then if we have never connected or spoken before for instance. If you are new to working with me I will arrange for us to have a Clarity Call so we can meet and I can get to know you, the reason for this is I'm only interested in having you in Soul Led if I feel I can truly support and help you because I want this to be a life changing experience for you.
If we have worked together before you may receive an immediate invitation to sign up. You are also able to request a Clarity Call even if we have worked together before (See the Application form).

Are you offering any scholarships? 

Yes, I am offering up to two half scholarships for Soul Led. I want to make the ability to have a life changing experience available to everyone. Anyone who feels they would like to apply for the scholarship is welcome to do so. You may be part of (but not limited to) the LGBTQ+ community, a Black, Indigenous or Person of Colour, or have faced financial hardship in the last year due to COVID. If you would like to be considered for a half scholarship you can complete the application process as usual and tick the box to confirm you would like a half scholarship. I will then follow up with you directly. Soul Led is about stepping up and being the leader of your life, if you believe you are eligible for a scholarship, do yourself the honour of applying.


GOT QUESTIONS? Want to speak with me before you apply? No worries, you can book a free 30 minute Clarity Call  with me HEREWe can have a chat, see if Soul Led is the right fit for you . (virtual oat milk lattes included).