A transformative experience for ambitious female coaches just starting out who are ready to claim their space ​in the industry, create their own rules, welcome in dream clients & up level their life and business with ease.


a big vision for what you want to create in this world, the impact you want to make, the life you want to live and the business you're called to bring to life.

Only problem is you find yourself feeling like you're playing too small for that big vision come alive.

Let's change that.

I show female coaches who are filled with ridiculous amounts of passion, how to build their coaching business without changing who they are (or saying goodbye to their personal life) in the process.


The best Strategy is listening to your Soul

The most Powerful business plan is the one guided by your Intuition

That you get to Rise with Ease

Your Dream clients appear when you bring all of You to the table

It gets to be Simple


Get ready to up level your business and step into the powerful, authentic and successful coach you are called to be. Over 3 months of weekly calls and unlimited between call support we create powerful goals and tangible actions to build your coaching business in a way that feels true and real for you.

In order for you to build a dreamy coaching business you need SELF BELEIF not just a sales strategy. Which is why RISE UP is here to bring you everything you actually need in one powerful program.

Think sessions on how to utilise social media AND powerful practices that enable you to step deeper into your soul.

Think calls where we uncover what's been holding you back AND clear actions to propel you forward.

Think working with the Feminine AND the Masculine.

Think about you having clear structure to attract clients AND feeling flowy & expansive with how you show up for your biz.

I'm here to help you create a coaching business that has YOU written all over it; meaning that my business coaching isn't about set strategies, formulas or 'tricks'. Instead I teach you how to weave your voice, your mission, your passion into everything you do and run it in a way that feels aligned. We'll get you clear on how you want your biz to look and feel, how to speak to your dream clients with ease and how to minimise your work load whilst maximising your results (think more time to welcome back your life again!).

Through elements of Life & Mindset coaching I will guide you to see that you have everything you need within you, right now, to be able to create & run your dream business and live a life that matches  what you've (secretly) been spending months, even years dreaming & journalling about. We work through the limiting beliefs and old stories that are holding you back from stepping into the successful coach you are ready to be and get you feeling like your life away from being a coach is as full as your heart is when you're on a call with a dream client.

Bringing together these two areas creates a unique coaching experience that will see you gain the confidence in yourself and your vision. Women that sign up for this program are looking to: Fully OWN being a coach, Get a plan in place to leave their day jobs and go all in with their biz, welcome in their first paying clients or get steady, consistent clients, live each day feeling relaxed, energised and like they have time to go for that coffee or pay for that yoga class without guilt, and, above all, feel worthy and deserving of creating a successful and thriving business and lifestyle. 

I wanted to take myself to that next stage in my career as a life coach but  felt like I didn't fully have the skills and knowledge on how to get myself there. I felt like there was a block that I needed to remove, I just wasn’t fully sure what that block actually was.

Emilia is real, honest, and herself; fully, proudly and completely, and gives you the space to be the same. Once given that space, it is amazing the powers you realize you have within you, From there, you really do begin to feel unstoppable.

I have been focusing building my career slowly and with more care, focusing in more on what is right for me, fills me up & what feels good to my soul. ~ LILY



You'll be guided through thought-provoking and powerful questions to start to get you really clear on what you truly want, what's holding you back and how you want to feel in your business & life.​


Here you'll get the opportunity to ask me any questions and make sure that I'm the perfect coach to help you reach your goals before our work together begins.​


During our first session together I’ll support you to create your Business Manifesto. Think of it as a big juicy goal that is going to set the theme of our entire series. We will then create tangible goals that you want to have achieved by the end of our time together.  You’ll leave the session with a clear focus of what you want your business & life to look and feel like and take away tangible actions that can get you straight into bringing your vision to life.


I'm here to provide you with weekly coaching calls to give you all the support and guidance you need. Each call lasts 40 minutes and is conducted over phone call or Zoom.
We have a one week break half way through the series for you to evaluate where you're at and give yourself a well deserve rest. 
Each session will be specifically tailored to your individual needs, with me there to support, guide and hold space for you. I'll help you create powerful actions each week to keep you moving forward.​


You'll have direct access to me between sessions so you can confidently progress with action steps, share wins and keep propelling forward towards your goals.​ 


To help you on your journey you'll receive a range of deep, explorative worksheets and resources selected just for you.


(This can be made payable in one sum upfront, or we'll arrange a personalised payment plan to make it supportive for you.​)

I had a dream of starting up a life coaching business; with a coaching qualification and years of my own self development work under my belt and yet I had blocks and limiting beliefs holding me back from stepping into my dream. It was deeply frustrating.

Emilia expertly helped me to build up my self worth and self belief whilst simultaneously supporting me as I removed the stories and beliefs I had holding me back. 

I now believe (& know) that bringing all of me into my business is where the magic lies.
 I have a coaching business which feels true, authentic and deeply rooted in ME. I feel truly excited and confident about where my business as a coach is leading. ~ ISSIE


  • Feel fully in control in your business, to be empowered in owning what you do, how you do it and consciously choose what life and business you create.

  • Believe in yourself with such unwavering certainty that you know you can handle anything life or biz throws at you.

  • Know your ideal client inside out, and have your dream clients reach out to YOU.

  • Feel energised, balanced and aligned in your whole life.

  • Leave the sidelines and become the expert in your industry.

  • Create killer foundations for your business and take effortless action

  • Have accountability and unconditional support from a coach who truly gets you.


It's time to show up for yourself and step into the life you envisage.

RISE UP isn't for everyone. If you are expecting to be given 'one size fits all' strategies or to go from zero to 100 clientsstraight away; then you're going to need to look elsewhere.

I specialise in working with the women who get turned off by the "Hit six figures in six weeks" style coaching and instead want their business to built off the back of; aligning with their truth & creating incredible impact. I help you to build unshakeable foundations in yourself and your business so you can grow and last. So that you can wake up everyday knowing you are on the right path, so you can grow in an organic, real way and learn who you truly are and what you stand for in the process. My clients know how to put the work in and that's how they get insane results like ~ selling out their workshops, signing clients within 1 month of launching their biz and having their highest earning month of the year whilst working the least amount of hours ever.

I'm here to help you get clear on exactly what's holding you back and how to truly set your soul and your biz on fire. I'll provide you with the tools and techniques for you to step into your own, show up for yourself and become unstoppable and I'll be there to hold you accountable, cheer you on and see you through the whole way! 

RISE UP spaces are filled for the rest of the year. Join the wait list to be notified of the first spots opening January 2020.