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MANIFEST: The Course

A self paced course supporting you to harness the power of consciously manifesting so you can expand your world and bring your desires to reality.

Let's start by getting one thing straight; Everything you desire is possible for you.

 Whether you are right at the beginning of your manifestation journey or feel like you have some understanding but are ready to deep dive, ultimately you know you are so ready to tap into this power and begin turning your desires into your reality.


MANIFEST: The Course is me sharing everything I have learnt, explored, played with and uncovered about manifesting over the last 4 years. It's all the important stuff that up until now has sat in my brain being shared in one space so you can work with this magic too.

Welcome to a course that will expand your beliefs, deepen your self worth and have you trusting & believing in yourself at a whole new level so you can call in your desires with ease.


You don't have to do it all alone. The universe is here to support you.

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MANIFEST has come about completely unexpectedly. I never planned to do a course specifically on manifestation, but after finding over the years that I continuously get asked by clients, friends and my community about it, I felt called to put something together.

Initially I thought it was going to be a 45 minute Masterclass. Boy, was I wrong! Once I started writing down everything I had to share on the topic I knew it needed its own space, because I never wanted anyone to feel like they 'had the steps' but yet still couldn't make it work for them. So MANIFEST was born; a self paced course supporting you to harness the power of consciously manifesting so you can expand your world. There's over 6 hours of content in here. 

I truly believe that consciously using manifestation has the power to change our lives completely, both externally with the things we bring into our reality and internally, in the way we feel about ourselves.

And in order for this to happen we need to know more. More than just 'declare what we want', more than just 'visualise it'. We need to know about being a match for our manifestation, we need to know what to do when it's not working, we need to know about resistance and things that will arise that will block us off from manifesting what we want AND how to remove those blocks and we need to know what aligned action actually looks like. 

The beauty is that we are all, always manifesting. Yes, that's right. We're doing it all the time; Bringing something that is not yet real or physical into reality. Now, you're simply about to learn how to Consciously manifest so you can actually get what you want.  

It's time to declare your desires, remove anything that has stopped you until now, know what aligned actions to take and feel amazing in the process. It's time to Manifest.


  • Four Masterclasses On Manifesting
    Including: moving through blocks, what to do when it's not working, how to be a match for your manifestation and being fully open to receiving.

  • The 4 step 'Works Every time' Practice 
    The single practice and steps that everyone needs to know.

  • Two Recorded Coaching Calls
    Two replays of previous coaching calls available, including a Q&A and a session on How to ustilse Manifestation in your Business.

  • Bonus Audio trainings
    Including: understanding our Inner Knowing, breaking down the concept of 'Good Vibes Only' and what to do when a loved one doesn't get 'it'.

  • Bonus Video
    The four Personal practices that support me to manifest my desires



Over Six hours of Trainings
all for just £99
(Usually £159)


Is this a prerecorded or live Course?

The whole course content is pre-recorded and available the moment you purchase the course. Meaning you can self  pace it to whichever speed feels good for you. 

How do I know if  this is the right course for me?
If you believe in Manifesting and are ready to manifest your desires into reality then this course is right for you. I am not here to convince you manifestation is real,  I am here to support and guide anyone who believes in Manifestation to harness it so that it works for you. So you can go from witnessing others who say they are able to manifest what they want to you becoming that person. If you are right at the beginning of understanding manifestation or feel you have a good understanding but that 'it's not working' then MANIFEST is for you. 
Ultimately your inner knowing will guide you on whether this course is right for you. Take a moment, close your eyes, place your hand on your heart and ask inwardly "Does this course feel right for me?". If you don't hear a clear Yes or No, ask yourself what feeling came up, and what does that feeling mean? 

If being part of MANIFEST feels right for you, I so look forward to welcoming you in.

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