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14 soulful weeks of deep transformation through my 1:1 Coaching Series

For heart-led women who are ready to become unstuck, feel truly free and step into a life that makes them come alive.

I'm so happy you're here.

I work with brilliant women like you, women who know they have more to give to the world, more to experience in their own lives and who are ready to reside deeply in their power and live a life that feels radiant, expansive and abundant.

You know your heart is calling for you to feel more deeply, love more sweetly and welcome more connection and excitement into your every day.

You know you have been put on this earth to serve, to offer your magic with the world. 

You are ambitious, driven, a big feeler, and someone who cares deeply for others.

(sometimes to the extent that you worry you're 'too much')

You're often seen by others as the strong one, the confident one, the one who makes things happen effortlessly, yet it doesn’t always feel that way to you.

You find yourself struggling to show your emotions to those closest to you, hiding away when you don’t feel good enough and finding that everything feels like an uphill battle. 


You feel called to shake things up, to shift things, to take charge. 

To make some big changes.

You're ready to live in your full expression. To experience deep love and connection in all your relationships. To feel alive with excitement and passion for your work. To reconnect (or perhaps discover) your creativity. To feel vibrant & energised in your body & mind. To connect deeper with your inner guidance & soul. To achieve great things whilst also welcoming in relaxation & rest.

You're ready to be all of you and experience all that life has to offer.

Over our time together I’ll show you how to leave behind the voice that tells you you’re not ready, not worthy, not capable.


You'll learn how to listen to your heart, 

Lead from your intuition and live the life you were destined to experience.


You get to expand with ease.

You get to feel complete in your work, aligned with your purpose, at home in your body, deeply loved and lit up 
by your life.


You, my love, get to have it all.

Let’s turn the desires that are written in your journal, into your reality.

I know that you are ready to wake up feeling inspired by a life that is aligned with you and flows with ease. To feel purposeful and alive.  You're ready to leave behind the comforts of what you have known to step into who you are really here to become.

I'm here to help you create the kind of life that will truly set your soul on fire.

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It's time for bigger and better things.

I've supported coaches, mentors, doctors, CEO's, vets, teachers, reiki masters, personal trainers & yoga teachers, nurses, chefs, graphic designers, corporate queens, PHD fellows, authors, musicians & artists, nutritionists and so many more. I coach women who choose purpose & passion to be their guide in their work, who light up at the idea that they get to make an impact in the world and who feel fuelled by using their gifts and being of service to others. 

I'm here to help guide you home to yourself, to your inner wisdom, the part of you that knows, so you can create epic connections with others, be of service in your work, feel deep love, truly accept & back yourself and feel capable of handling absolutely anything.

It gets to be that good.

My 1:1 Containers are the most high level way of working with me, you get me with you every step of the way providing constant guidance, support and coaching.  Alongside our coaching calls & between call support you'll also receive four UNBOUND Energy Healing sessions; connecting you even deeper to your body & soul, clearing old limiting beliefs and effortlessly raising you into your next expansion.

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I never could have imagined possible what we were able to achieve together. Now I have the confidence that however big my dream may be, I can make it happen.

I was able to dive deeper than I ever believed possible because of the trust she allowed me to feel with her.

My dreams have become bigger, my perspective broader. I was able to actually break down what needed to get done and make it happen. 

It’s hard to put into words what Emilia has given me, because I really have reached more since working with her, than I ever thought possible. She is born to coach. ~SARAH


  • Expand into your next level. Emotionally, mentally, spiritually, financially, romantically

  • Connect deeply with the core of who you are & rediscover your calling, your passion, your truth and your identity

  • Be more authentic in your life, relationships and work 

  • Own your worth, know your worth, and call in a life aligned with your worth

  • Stop settling for 'fine' and instead feel unstoppable and ready to take on the world... not just somedays, but

  • Flex your manifestation muscle and invite massive abundance into your world.

  • Feel a deep sense of inner confidence that carries you through life

  • Have a heart centred fulfilling career that is filled with purpose and impact

  • Listen to your body, your mind, your soul, and put your health and wellbeing at the forefront.

  • Welcome play, fun, pleasure and expansion back into your life.

Feeling full body excited and also a little nervous, perhaps a little scared even?

Perfect, this means you are so ready to do this.


A deep & immersive 14 week coaching experience for women who are ready to expand with ease,  personalised completely to you.

A thought provoking pre coaching questionnaire for you to get deep clarity & inspiration 

1x One hour Intention Setting Session to uncover your desires & set you up feeling excited, inspired and with a clear vision 

6x 60 minute coaching sessions, we have a session every fortnight

4x UNBOUND: Energy Healing sessions to support you to clear limiting beliefs, release emotional baggage and feel deeply aligned and connected to your power

High level unlimited Support via Voxer between sessions

Tailored worksheets, resources & practices to keep you moving forward & feeling aligned.

(All calls take place over phone or Zoom meaning we can work together from anywhere in the world)


£450 a Month or £1,800 in full
(Personalised Extended payment plans also available to make this work for you.​)

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I have had the most fabulous coaching experience with Emilia, which far exceeded my expectations (and they were high to start with!).  With Emilia’s expert guidance and support we created three goals that seemed scary and exciting to me at first but, as I look back over the three months of coaching, I'm amazed at how my thinking and my life has changed.  I felt in safe hands with Emilia; she listened closely and asked insightful powerful questions that helped me to understand, and let go of, what had been holding me back.  I’d always been a goal setting person but had never before achieved them in such a powerful way.  Emilia’s professionalism and training, combined with her innate intelligence and wisdom, makes her an amazing coach and I look forward to working with her again.​ ~CLAIRE


To put it simply, Emilia changed my life. I came to her after spending a long time trying to improve my self-worth and confidence but I was stuck and just couldn't seem to move forward. I had no experience with coaching before and didn't know what to expect but from the very first interaction, Emilia was so warm and supportive and made sure I knew exactly what was ahead. She encouraged me and helped me achieve things I didn't think were possible! When I first set my goals, I wanted to believe that I'd meet them but to be honest I didn't. A safe and open space from Emilia where I could reflect and be challenged through powerful questions meant I met my goals and more. She helped me breakdown the things I thought were holding me back and take charge of my own life. Without Emilia, I would still be hiding away and not letting my true self shine through. She is a fabulous coach and I'm so grateful to have worked with her. ~ ZOE

Ready to feel truly confident from within, trust yourself deeply and live a life of ease & expansion?

I thought so.


Make the first step and book your free clarity call with me to discover how to create the life  you truly desire.