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1:1 Intuitive Business Coaching

A deep & immersive coaching experience for big hearted women who are ready to expand with ease into their next level of success, abundance and alignment.

Welcome in my love.


If you are anything like the brilliant women that I work with then I know this; You have BIG visions for your business and life, and you’re ready to take action and set them in motion.You feel like you've only just gotten started with all the Magic you here to create on this earth. 

You know you have a gift to share, Your work is not simply something you want to do, it feels like something you were called to do, it runs deep.


Being in your souls work lights you up more than you could ever imagine, you’ve found a level of purpose and meaning to your life that you never knew before and you are so called to continue building and expanding your business.

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And yet, You want to do things a little differently.

You’re feeling exhausted by the constant noise & messages that are trying to tell you what you ‘should’ be doing in order to create a successful business.


You’re not interested in the standard ‘strategies’ or 'steps' that feel so inauthentic, sleazy and stale.


You want your business to expand and grow from a place of ease, trust and flow. 

You want to be able to do things your way, to follow excitement, intuition and those (epically expansive yet slightly scary) visions that keep coming through.

Your work is heart-led & conscious and you want the evolution of your business to truly reflect that.


I work with women who have heart based businesses and support them to continue to elevate their impact & income in a way that feels aligned and true for them. No ‘One Way’, no ‘4 Step Process’, that’s not how we do things round here.


I know you sometimes question your gifts. I know you sometimes wonder how you can possibly get exactly what you envisage without feeling like something must be sacrificed. I know you still have moments of wondering ‘when will I really, fully trust myself?’


It’s my invitation to you; to give yourself permission to have it all. To widen your possibilities, to release the ‘shoulds’  and to double down on your trust, belief and self worth so that you can truly step into who you are here to be.


You are so needed in this world. The work you do is unlike anyone else, there are people that you alone will be able to guide, teach, serve & coach. Lives that you will transform.
Don’t let the current stress and overwhelm of being in business stop from sharing your magic with the world.

There is another way, I promise you.


You get to rise with ease.


You get to rest, relax, replenish and create more from that space.


You get to follow your intuition and your heart and allow it to guide your biz.


You get to bring all of you in, every single part.


You get to put your energy into changing lives, and welcome an abundance of dream clients & money simply by byproduct.

My 1:1 Intuitive Business Container is the most high level way of working with me, you get me with you every step of the way providing constant guidance, support and coaching.  Alongside our coaching calls and between-call support you'll also receive complimentary UNBOUND: Energy Healing sessions. Which will connect you even deeper to your body & soul and take you into your next level of expansion with ease.


Boldly claim their power, trust themselves fully, speak their truth & know how to run a biz that aligns with their highest potential. This in turn has resulted in clients:

  • Going full time within their first year of business

  • Raising their prices and confidently share their services

  • Getting consistent dream paying clients or signing their first few 

  • Being paid to speak to 100+ audiences & coach on private retreats

  • Launching Podcasts, writing Books, creating Memberships & Courses

  • Creating & Selling out their dream workshops, group programs & events

  • Getting fully booked and doubling their income

  • Have 3k, 5k and 10k months


I feel more myself and confident in who I am as a person and a coach than I ever have before. 
I'm  now way more trusting in myself and my abilities (and) show up to life and my coaching biz with more confidence and certainty in myself. I
 see what is available to me now & tap into my intuition SO much more. That has been a game changer for me - it’s so comforting and reassuring. 

I've welcomed in new paid clients, increased my prices, created two new 1:1 coaching offerings, (I have) more structure and clarity in my biz and more fun, more creativity. Having someone be a shiny example of what I want to do be doing has been huge for me. SEEING you do it, having you coach me and observing you shine has just proved that it is possible for me too.  ~EVIE


A deep & immersive coaching experience for big hearted women who are ready to expand with ease into their next level of success, abundance and alignment. Personalised completely to you & includes:

A Complimentary Clarity Call

A thought provoking pre coaching questionnaire for you to get deep clarity & inspiration 

1x 75 minute Intention Setting Session to uncover your true desires & set you up feeling empowered, inspired and

with a clear vision and plan for your Business

8 x 50 minute coaching sessions (we have three coaching calls a month)

4x UNBOUND: Energy Healing Sessions to support you to clear limiting beliefs, release emotional

baggage and feel deeply aligned and connected to your power

High level unlimited Support via Voxer & Email between sessions

Tailored worksheets, resources & practices to keep you moving forward & feeling aligned.

(All calls take place over phone or Zoom meaning we can work together from anywhere in the world)


(payable in one sum upfront, or through a personalised payment plan that feels
supportive for you


I was very new to my biz, looking for insight advice when we started together. (Since then) I’ve been able to move into a place of self-belief as I launched and sold out my first group coaching program! I gained greater confidence in me as a person, and in me in my biz, with the help from Emilia.

 I love the heart and soul work we did together and I love the way in which I was able to connect with myself to an even deeper level. She showed me how to achieve my goals, and then how to dream even bigger! Thank you so much for everything in our time together! I would never have come to this place of greater and deeper connection, without you! ~ KELLY

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Looking back now it’s hard to believe that everything I achieved happened in just 3-months! In that time I successfully launched, sold out & ran my first ever group coaching programme, signed multiple 1:1 clients, created a second group course, exceeded my financial income goals AND took the leap to go full-time in my biz!

If you had asked me 3-months prior if I thought that was possible, I would have said it sounds way too good to be true, but I’m the living, breathing proof that following your gut, cultivating deep self-trust & getting the right support can take you to the places you’ve only every dreamed you could go! ~ CHELSEA


  • Reclaim your Power. To be empowered in owning what you do, how you do it and consciously choose what life and business you create.

  • Believe in yourself with such unwavering certainty that you know you can handle anything life or biz throws at you.

  • Know your ideal client inside out, and have your dream clients reach out to YOU.

  • Create sustainable & long lasting foundations for your business and take effortless action.

  • Tune deeper into your Inner Guidance so you can lead your business from a place of alignment and trust 

  • Create the Impact & Income you desire

  • Bring your ideas for your programs & offerings to life and start getting people signed up.

  • Turn the desires that you write down in your journal from "someday" into your reality.

  • Have accountability and unconditional support from a coach who truly gets you.


Emilia is not just a wonderful business coach, she’s like a magic partner who perfectly balances spiritual awareness, intuitive attunement and just “being there” with great business sense and super-creative ideas inside a sacred container. When I firs reached out, I was struggling to get my website up and running. As a copywriting coach with a new business to launch I was pitting myself under so much pressure.  I now feel excited and confident about running my dream business, more aligned with my higher purpose, and a hundred thousand steps closer to living the life I was born for. The energy healing sessions were a beautiful bonus which really helped to clear some of the emotional and mindset blocks that had been getting in my way. ~SALLY 


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It’s your time to RISE.

Due to the high level of support I give to each woman, spaces to work with me are limited and they fill fast.

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