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UNLEASHED: The Immersion

For the women who are ready for deep expansion that serves you, your work, your biz, your nervous system and your bank account on every single level.   




Unleashed is here to give you; 

Deep, *feeling it within every cell of your being* Trust & belief,

  True embodiment of yourself; feeling worthy, deserving and safe to be, do and have all you desire,

and space & encouragement to be take big, bold actions

So that,

 You can ease fully create next level success in your work, life and biz.


You being here tells me....

- You're a coach, healer, teacher or service based business owner who cares deeply about your work. 


- You've already learnt so much about the 'how to's in biz. You've worked with the coaches, done the programs and yet something still isn't working.


-You love your work, it's an extension of you, how could you not?! But you don't have quite the same relationship with your fact your business can often feel like something you have to do rather than something you want to be focusing on. You'd love to feel energised and excited by it, not fearful or frustrated. 


- You're here for the long run, that's for sure. But you sometimes find yourself thinking "Christ, I didn't think it would take this long!"


- You have moments of deep belief & trust. You have times of experiencing true embodiment. But it comes and goes, and when it's not there you find yourself feeling directionless and doubtful.


And above all,


- You're ready for 2022 to be your year of deep expansion that serves you, your work, your biz, your nervous system and your bank account on every single level. 

Sound about right? Then, my love, Unleashed is for you.


Unleashed exists because when we recognise and live from our true power & innate wisdom the impact of our work amplifies, Our business effortlessly grows, and we move through life feeling deeply at home and at peace within ourselves. 

Unleashed is here to activate you deeper into your gifts, your voice, your worth, your true potential so you can feel unwavering trust and belief and take big, bold action that rapidly expand your biz.


Life Changing Energy Work that will will dismantle negative beliefs & feelings that have been dictating the way you feel and show up, and clear traumas and trapped emotions that have been holding you back. It will anchor you deeply into trust, to belief, into your worth, your gifts and your infinite power.  

Powerful Trainings & Masterclasses will give you the knowledge and 'how to's' to be able to take this deep trust & belief and move into action with clarity and conviction. 


Transformative Coaching is a space to receive the personalised support & guidance you need. To be able to take all you are feeling (from the energy work) and all you know (from the trainings) and embody it, be it, take big actions, and rapidly expand.

The Juicy Details

During our time together in UNLEASHED you'll receive:

Opening Ceremony

3x Group coaching calls

Live trainings

3x Group Energy Work sessions

2x Personalised 1:1 Distant Energy Work sessions 

Weekly Masterclasses & Teachings dropped into your inbox

Facebook Community

Support between sessions

We begin week commencing 14th Feb and run for 8 consecutive weeks


Imagine 8 weeks from now:

  • Being able to tap into your intuition with ease.

  • Feeling calmer, clearer & more excited about life.

  • Trusting & knowing yourself at a deeper level.

  • Being able to make big decisions, little decisions & everything in between with ease & clarity.

  • Feeling clear on what to do when you get an intuitive 'nudge'

  • Knowing what "aligned action" really means for you

  • Feeling confident to rise up to the *Big* things you are being called to do



Is this a prerecorded course or a live program?

The great answer? It's both! You get the freedom & flexibility of prerecorded masterclasses that are dropped to you weekly, meaning you can watch & implement whenever suits you. However you also get the added bonus of two live group coaching calls, so you feel like you have the in person support, as well as access to coaching twice throughout the program.


So is it self paced?
Yes! The masterclasses & resources are released to the membership area ever Monday, however if you would rather under take the course over 6, 8 or more weeks then that's available to you! You'll have access to Intuitive Calling for the whole of 2020. Meaning you have plenty of time to self pace, or come back again and again to deepen your learnings.

When will the masterclasses & resources be released? 
Every Monday, starting Monday 23rd March.

When will the live coaching calls be?
Live Calls will be happening on Thursday 26th March at 8.30am GMT and  Thursday 9th April at 2.30am GMT (please note if you are based in the Americas this means the call will be Wednesday for you). You can convert to your local time HERE.

What happens if I can't make the live calls?

I have arranged two different times to take into consideration the fact that we have women all over the world signing up for Intuitive Calling. If you cannot make one of the calls live, don't worry; the recorded playback will be uploaded into the membership area. If you can't make either call live you can email me at (as soon as you purchase the course) and I will either add in an additional group call or offer you a 15 minute coaching call with me.

Can I do a payment plan?

If you would like, you can spilt the course over two monthly payments of £80. Contact me to arrange that.

How do I know if  this is the right course for me?
For real, this is the perfect time to start tapping into that intuition of yours! You've made it this far dow the page, got a feel for what the course will entail and the magic that will be happening. Your intuition knows! Now take a moment, close your eyes, place your hand on your heart and ask inwardly "Does this course feel right for me?". If you don't hear a clear Yes or No, ask yourself what feeling came up, and what does that feeling mean? 

I'm a previous or current client of yours.....

Amazing! You get a special discount code my love to redeem when you purchase the course. Simply contact me (you have my details) and I'll send it your way!


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