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Emotion Code Sessions

A simple and transformative Energy Healing Method.
Release trapped emotions and witness your internal & outer world profoundly change.

The Emotion Code™


"I've never felt more myself and more sure of who I am."

Before my sessions, I was feeling lingering tension and resentment in one particular area of my life and I knew I needed support to shift out of that low vibrational energy. I didn't know what to expect as I hadn't experienced the Emotion Code before but I trusted Emilia fully + was ready to clear anything that came up. Emilia held space for me in such a beautiful way and guided me through the process of clearing my Heart Wall. I came out of each session bouncing and full of energy! Especially, our final session- I think we giggled the entire time and both felt so high on life! Since having my Heart Wall cleared, I've never felt more myself and more sure of who I am. I would definitely recommend the experience to anyone who is ready to let go of their old baggage and move forward feeling free + full of self-love! 

- Jessica Mason, Wellness Coach for Teachers