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The Immersion


A three week intimate & devotional group space for you to reconnect to and deepen your relationship with You, Your work & Your Business.

Reignite your energy, reach new heights and feel more clear & purpose led then ever. 

Let's bring the MAGIC  back into your biz.

Those moments where you feel energy pulsing through every part of your being, where you shake your head in disbelief and awe that this is your work, this is your life. Where you witness the deep impact of your craft being experienced by your community, where you receive ample amounts of money for your gifts, where you feel at home and rested within yourself, where you feel lit UP, amplified, able to create, play and let your inner wisdom guide you.


You feel alive. Your soul is deeply weaved into your work and your business is working for you.


Yes, we're talking that level of connection

CONNECTED: The Immersion is for the big hearted, service based business women who are ready to spend the second half of 2021 having even more impact,

who are ready to grow and to expand into bigger possibilities, more success, deeper alignment

and all whilst being in your fullest expression.

It's time to not only reconnect with but to go to new depths in your connection with 
You, Your Work and Your Business

So you can go from exhausted to fully expressed.


So you can expand into that next level with a true sense of ease, anchored-ness and trust


So you can deepen into your wholeness & connect with yourself away from your business 


So you can reclaim your gifts...


… AND know how to structure your business so it can hold them, 


So you can reach new heights.


So you can have a life & biz as beautiful and bold as your soul wants them to be.



Shake it up.
Get back your creative flow.
Liberate yourself.
Unearth new depths.
Have your energy work for you. 

It's time to pave the way for your business to go new heights, in the most grounded, aligned and supportive way.

Connection is Everything


When we're deeply connected to ourselves, our soul, our hearts, we feel grounded, rooted and strong.
When we're deeply connected to our work, our craft, our services we feel creative, expressive, purposeful, of service.

When we're deeply connected to our businesses we feel calm, precise, in control and at ease.

Which is why I'm inviting you to gather with me and a group of brilliant souls (your new #BizBesties if you will) and deepen your connection with yourself, your work and your Business so you can reach your next level of expansion, that let's be honest, you've been craving since the first half of 2021.

 Because  you get to feel the way you want to feel about yourself & your work and you get to

have your business working for you.

Lately you've been feeling that something More is ready to come through, to be birthed into your business and take both you and your work to the next level. 
But maybe you've also noticed not so welcomed feelings of exhaustion, doubts and question marks creeping in and keeping you feeling stuck and just a bit 'meh'.


Overwhelm, stress and fears can build up and block us from being strongly connected to ourselves, our energy, our intuition and our abilities.

Your visions & dreams aren't 'too big'.

You just need some structure, some grounding and a large ol' return to your wise inner guidance so you can actually bring them into fruition.

CONNECTED: The Immersion has been brought to life, so that you can leave this container feeling at peace within yourself, clear and inspired by your work and aligned (and with a plan of action) in your Biz.






Over three weeks we'll journey through each component; anchoring you deeper than ever into every part and masterfully weaving them all together so you can take your business to where you really want it to go.




The incredible, living, breathing, complete soul who is reading these words

As we deepen into our work, we will be asked to deepen into our relationship with self. When we witness ourselves and embody the truth of being whole, complete and worthy beings, imagine how that transpires into your work, your business? 

When we allow ourselves to feel complete and worthy separate to our work, and our gifts, imagine how that enables us to live out our lives with more pleasure, more freedom, more of the deep feeling of belonging, abundance and inner peace we’ve been craving. 


A few of the areas we’ll explore in the week of YOU are:

Inner Child & Inner Warrior, Boundaries, Embodiment, Reclaiming who you are away from your work, Pleasure,

Steadying our Emotions.


Your craft, your art, your services, your voice, your offers

Mmmm the juicy place where your gifts, passion & talents married together and created a way for you to share something special with the world. The place you find sanctuary, the thing you lose yourself in, the thing you could do or talk about all day.

Our work has a soul of its own, it’s own energy. It’s time to release any constraints and give your work full permission to be as big and as wild as it wants to be, to allow yourself to stand tall in the gifts and magic you have to offer (knowing that you are the woman who is meant to deliver it), to let your creativity and courage pave the way, to land fully into what you are here to offer to the world let your work be as big as your heart wants it to be.

A few of the areas we’ll explore in the week of YOUR WORK are: 

Connecting with the Soul of your work, (re)defining your Core Message, anchoring into your why, trusting & allowing your freedom of expression, Reigniting creativity, Intuition, self sabotage, Vulnerability and Courage.



The structure that holds your work and enables you to share it with the world

Your business doesn't have to be 'the hard part' in this all. Your business is here to serve you, your mission and to be the solid structure that holds your work. No more loving your work but feeling uncomfortable running your business, it's time to inject the same love, depth and soul into your Biz. This week is all about Soul, Structure & Strategy baby.

A few of the areas we’ll explore in the week of YOUR BUSINESS are:

Important Structures, Intuition in business, Aligned Strategies, Finances & money, Selling, what kind of Boss you are, Intellectual Vs Emotional thinking, Decision making, the Long game and the immediate plan.


Hey Gorgeous Soul,
I'm Emilia

I'm an Internationally Certified Intuitive Life & Business Coach and a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner, Energy Healer (and what some might describe as a hummus connoisseur).

My biggest passion and driving force in life is supporting women to feel deeply worthy and connected with their inner guidance. And from this space we bring to fruition anything we desire for our lives & businesses.

A woman who is steeped in self worth, love & trust and is connected with her souls purpose is a woman who changes the world. 

I love supporting brilliant women like you to have ease in your ever expanding Business, to go to new depths with your work and how to really love you (not just the you who has a biz)

"Emilia doesn't let you hide, but in the most gentle, loving, kind way.
Little did I know how much of myself I would explore, how many layers I would peel back. I cannot recommend working with Emilia higher."

~ Emma B

CONNECTED is a brand new offering. All testimonials are from clients who have worked with me in Group Biz containers

It's time to take the Solo out of Solopreneur. 

A key piece of CONNECTED: The Immersion is the group element. 

I've had countless conversations with biz owners over the years about how even though they love what they do it can feel isolating doing it alone. And I know first hand the huge impact having other besties in biz can have. 

I am super passionate about bringing brilliant women together and not only creating a community whilst you are in any group container of mine, but facilitating spaces where your connections with one another will go far beyond the time you spend with me. 

You don't have to do this journey alone.

Let's get down to the juicy details:

Weekly Live Workshops

CONNECTED is broken down into three main pillars; You, Your Work and Your Business.
Each week we'll gather for an immersive workshop focusing on that weeks topic. 

These are delivered live (you also receive a recording) and all time zones will be taken into consideration.

Weekly Group Coaching Calls

This is our space for unfiltered, real, courageous and life altering coaching

conversations. A space to receive support & guidance and to unearth your next steps for you, your work and your business.

They will be 2x group coaching calls a week to accommodate for all time zones.
All Coaching Calls are recorded and shared with the group.

Facebook Community

A sacred place for you to connect with the other incredible women in the group, to share celebrations, to ask for support from your peers, and to ask for anything you need from me between coaching calls.

Daily Check Ins, Prompts & In Depth Resources
I'll be creating (personalised to the group) videos, prompts & resources to support you to deepen your experience. Think Journal prompts, Meditations, and pre-recorded audios & videos. 

VIP INCLUDES: A 60 Minute 1:1 Coaching Call And Unlimited Voxer Support

Sign up for the VIP option and receive a sixty minute coaching session with me. A space for us to deep dive & create huge shifts. And unlimited Voxer support Monday-Thursday for the duration of the program.

We begin 3rd August 2021.


Your Investment:

VIP Option: £449

Standard Option: £299

Payment plans are available (please contact me to discuss)

I'm ready, let's do this!

Yes babe! I'm so excited & honoured to have you join. Simply choose your option below to enrol.


Is this just for coaches?

No, my friend. CONNECTED is for any big hearted, service based biz owner. Whether you're a coach, mentor, energy healer, yoga teacher, personal trainer, graphic designer, VA, photographer, nutritionist or any other brilliant light worker. This space is for you.

What stage of Business is CONNECTED for?

The beauty is that the pillars you'll be working with in CONNECTED (You, Your work and Your Biz) apply for every stage of business. I work privately with women at all different stages; some just starting out ready to get their first couple of paying clients, some who are a couple of years in and scaling to five figure months. (I'm in my fourth year of business, 3 years full time, and I still apply every one of these principles).

What I am teaching in the workshops will apply for you whether you're in your first six months or your third year AND the group coaching calls are a space for you to receive personalised 1:1 coaching to meet you exactly where you are at.

When are the workshops & calls taking place?

I'm blessed to have a community from all over the world and with this in mind wanted to make CONNECTED work for you no matter what time zone you are in.
Each weekly workshop will be delivered live twice to accommodate all times zones, and they'll be two group coaching calls a week to again honour all time zones. You'll also receive recordings for every workshop and group call and have lifetime access to these.

Feeling the pull to be in CONNECTED: The Immersion but have a question that hasn't been answered to want to chat something through with me? You can email me with any questions or book in a clarity call if you want to have a face to face chat.

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