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Unleash your inner confidence & step into the coach you are meant to be.

I see you.

You know you are meant to be a coach.

This isn't just something you want to do, it's what you need to do, it's who you're destined to be.

Your drive is unquestionable, you just wish you had the confidence & belief in yourself and the knowledge about business to match it.


Welcome to the Confident Coach Academy


You're so ready to feel confident and empowered in who you are, and where your coaching business is heading, And above all you'd love to feel like instead of needing to ask the questions, that you have all the answers.

Only problem is right now you're: 

  • In the beginning stages of your coaching biz except you don't even find yourself calling it that yet, because really it feels like a hobby and you keep wondering 'how can I make this a legit thing?'

  • Feeling 2 parts excited and 3 parts overwhelmed. You've a lot of questions, but really you just have one burning desire: How do you get paying clients?

  • Stressed by the fact that you know you need to be more visible, you know you need to really niche down, you know you need to speak up, you know you need to put yourself out there but everything just feels so damn scary and confusing. 

  • Almost wishing your friends and family wouldn't keep asking about your coaching because you feel like you have to pretend to have your shit together (queue always answering "It's going so great!"with an overly excited voice) when really you just want to feel supported and understood and able to talk to someone about all parts of the journey.

  • Stumbling when someone asks you what you do; you either don't say you're a coach for fear of judgement or find yourself babbling for 10 minutes trying to explain who's your ideal client & where you come in.  

If the pressure to be a great coach wasn't enough you now feel like you need to know how to set up and run a business, and how to balance your life in amongst it all. Outside of being a coach you're also a human, and yet you're finding yourself unsure of how to be both.

You've created this heart-led business of yours because you know it is something you HAD to do. It's about more than just what you want, you know innately it is what you are meant to be doing and how you are supposed to be showing up in this world. The only problem is you're constantly questioning; what next?


CCA is a 9 week group program that teaches coaches in their first 0-12 months of business how to go from feeling like the impostor that doesn't belong to owning your voice, your vision and claiming your space as the powerful & heart-led coach you are.

I teach you how to build a business, all the while coaching you to step into your most confident self, to feel super empowered so that you can boldly create your own rules, so you can be who you want to be (not who you think you should be) and so you can start getting your dream clients through the door.

You're ready for knowledge  & methods but you also crave self belief & trust. 

In CONFIDENT COACH ACADEMY you'll learn both, how to create unshakeable foundations in yourself so you can bring your big visions to life and understand what needs to happen so you can create a coaching business that works for you, A life that is filled with ease and tap into your inner confidence that makes you feel unstoppable.


You're ready to feel:


  • Are in your first 0-12 months of your coaching biz and want to go from feeling overwhelmed with where to begin to clear and concise every step of the way.

  • Want to create a business that is unapologetically you, utterly unique and have tangible actions to get you there.

  • Are ready to learn how to consistently get clients/welcome in your first paying clients

  • Have a desire to make life changing impact AND money in a way that feels authentic and in intergrity.

  • Know that coaching is what you are destined to do but you just want to believe in yourself like 97% more.

  • Want to niche down, speak up, be more visible, utilise social  media and feel good in the process

  • Are ready to talk confidently about your coaching, speak with ease to your dream clients and own who you are.

  • Want to tap back into your intuition and learn to trust your instincts in your life & biz.

  • Would love the support and guidance of a coach that truly gets you and to be surrounded by a bunch of soulful coaches who are ready to cheer you on. A place where you can show up exactly as you are.

1Z1A1961 (1).jpg

By the end of the CCA you'll: 

  • Have created & maintain a business structure that has you written all over it

  • Know how to connect with, speak to & attract your dream clients with ease

  • Feel fully confident in your voice & own who you are as both a coach and human

  • Bring fun, ease and every part of your uniqueness into your biz 

  • Own your successes and feel good stepping into your worth 

  • Have created your own signature offering to share with your audience

  • Have rewritten your money & success stories for good and have stepped into the magnificent, impactful coach you truly are.

"Quite honestly, the best investment I've made in my business. The changes I've seen have been life changing. I've had 1:1 coaches before, this was my first group program & it's been incredible. I feel like a different coach, confident, empowered and trusting in myself ; I am all in."  ~Kerry

"It's so much more then a business course. I've gone through so many internal changes during CCA that have led to massive external shifts- My first grad workshop, booking my next 2 workshops, my first speaking gig, launching my online course AND resigning from my nursing role. Emilia doesn't let you hide, but in the most gentle, loving, kind way.
Little did I know how much of myself I would explore, how many layers I would peel back. I cannot recommend working with Emilia higher. I cannot say enough about her!"~ Emma B.

"CCA has been a total game-changer for both me and my businessthere is so much less striving and much more aligned action and knowing. It has allowed me to let go of what I thought I 'should' be doing and move into what I actually want to do. 

Going into CCA, I was clutching at my love of step-by-step processes to success, and all the things other people had told me I just HAD to do in order to be successful. Their stories were overwhelming, and often ones I didn't want to believe for myself! I chose to join CCA because I wanted to tune in to my own intuition, create a vision for my business (and life) and decide what my version of success looked like." ~Laura H.

"Emilia is an absolutely beautiful soul to work with who has such an incredible talent for holding space for women of all kinds. Her ability to shift my rather stubborn perspective and call me out just when I needed to be was an experience that I needed not only in my business but also in my life. I continue to see changes in how I think about my business and life even after finishing CCA and feel so much more relaxed coming out with clarity and a deeper understanding of who I want to work with and the kind of impact that I want to make which has been the biggest game changer for me." ~ Taylor

"CCA was like a little pot of gold. The girls in there were wonderful and Emilia is a legend. Her high vibes make you drop any doubt you ever had in yourself and you can't help but feel optimistic and ready to give it your all. Her enthusiasm to help and grow your business is infectious!"~ Tez

"Signing up to CCA was totally an intuitive decision for me and I'm so glad I trusted it. I loved that it was a small intimate group who now feel like great friends, that the theme of the program is that these are our own businesses, there is no right or wrong, no 'trick'. The women who are reaching out to me through IG or for 1:1 work are now my actual dream clients, This stuff works!" ~Evie


9x Weekly Masterclasses & Group Coaching Calls

Every week we have a live group call together; I'll teach you that weeks lesson and give you clear actionable takeaways so you can step into the confident coach you are immediately.
After the Masterclass I open up the call for 1:1 Coaching.
There is no limit to how much time you can have with me as well as no restrictions to what we can talk up.
This is your time, You'll get laser focused and personalised coaching from me for 9 weeks straight. As well as gain so many valuable takeaways listening in on your fellow CCA buddies getting coached too.
Clear & Personalised Actions & Worksheets
After every call you'll be sent a recording of the class as well as relevant worksheets & resources to support your weeks learnings. You'll also be given PERSONALISED actions, because this isn't no one size fits all kinda approach. I'll get to know each of you and your vision personally so I can give you personalised actions to help you work through any blocks and get you to the next level.
Access to the Private Facebook Group 

Here you can connect with your fellow CONFIDENT COACH ACADEMY badasses. A chance to create beautiful connections and friendships with fellow coaches who 'get it' and where we all rise together.
Online Coaching support every week
Every week I go live in the Facebook Group to check in with you all, coach you through anything that is coming up, to cheer you on and to give you unlimited support and guidance along the way.
1x Private Breakthrough 1:1 coaching call with me
You'll have a free 45 minute coaching call with me to use at any time in our nine weeks together personalised completely to you and what you need in that time. (valued at £150) 
Bonus: Guest Speakers 
You'll get to experience invaluable conversations from other soul led coaches who are running full time aligned businesses, sharing their wisdom and insights into what they did in their first year to get them where they are at today.
Just imagine; Signing dream 1:1 paying clients, launching group programs & workshops, being offered speaking gigs, going full time as a coach, raising your prices and all through stepping into their most authentic & true selves.
This is exactly what previous CCA graduates have done.


In week one we get crystal clear about how you actually want to feel in your life & business,  away from the 'should' what truly looks like alignment for you? We'll create solid foundations for  how you show up in and structure your business, what you want and how you'll create it. We clean the slate with your old stories that have been holding you back and begin creating space for your dream biz & life to come into reality.


Week two sees us finding the power that your uniqueness brings to your biz, and how to own who you are in all aspects of your life. You'll uncover with true clarity what you are really here to coach and lead on, learn how to step up as the leader you are. You'll leave knowing how to confidently speak your truth and serve your dream clients & community.



We get you feeling super confident on how to define your dream client. To get to the core person who is your dream to work with and how you can understand them like no one else does. You'll learn how to speak to them in an authentic way that feels easy and fun. You'll align your services; making sure you are offering programs and services that speak to your clients heart and yours. (warning: this process can directly lead to your dream clients appearing from seemingly nowhere and reaching out to YOU.) 


Now you have a clear idea of who your dream client is and how to speak to them we get you to feeling confident showing up both on and off line, designing your own signature offering and everything you need to know about how to create an impact. You'll learn how to share captivating content that gets your dream clients jumping to work with you. We'll uncover how to get comfortable being vulnerable and how you can confidently own being fully visible and speaking your truth.


Get set to have your life and business feeling abundant and full! We ditch the scarcity and step into the rich and worthy women we truly are. We'll cover your relationship with money and success as well as how to stop you feeling 'icky' around sales. You'll learn how to take time off your business & show up in your life with ease as well as how to promote and share your services in a way that feels authentic and with your integrity intact.


In week seven we deep dive how to get everything in your life and business feeling amazing. You'll learn the tools to silence your inner critic and how to truly embody your inner empowerment which will leave you truly feeling & knowing that anything is possible. 

A new BONUS feature is a whole an extra week in CCA! In this week we will really be practising the integration, implementation and embodiment of everything you have learnt throughout the program. There is an in-depth 75 minute group coaching call to give you the support & guidance you need to go from knowing to doing, being and believing.



Our final week is spent focusing on the main tools and practices you can utilise in order to proudly and confidently continue in your business and life. We'll cover how you can expand on your business and you'll leave with the knowledge of what daily, weekly and monthly actions you need to take in order to welcome in clients and be your most confident self.

"If you have the chance to sign up into one of her programs, Emilia will definitely change your life. Now, after CCA, I feel confident to go out and show who I am and help people heal & understand their great potential.  You really helped me see where I can go, what can I achieve and how." ~Elena

"CCA is the best investment I made in myself and my business this year. Emilia shares her wisdom and own experience in a way that deeply resonated with me and allowed me to reconnect with the heart and purpose of my business and powerfully guided me to let go of limiting beliefs and blocks. In the first two weeks alone, I attracted new dream clients through my magnetism and new way of showing up online with confidence. I feel like a fully embodied coach and CCA helped me elevate to the next level of my business through igniting my intuitive spark and helping me to take action from my internal shifts. Thank you Emilia, your work is a gift!"    ~ Tessa

"Not only do I feel more confident in my business but I actually feel more confident in myself as well. I now know for sure who my dream client is, I'm following my intuition more and amazingly I actually have paying 1:1 clients now. I'm running the workshops I've always wanted to run and they are selling out. If you can feel in your gut and your intuition is telling you it's for you, I would highly, highly recommend!" ~ Chelsea

"CCA literally covered everything I was struggling with as a coach. It's like Emilia could see into my mind and just knew everything I needed help with. Each session went into so much detail, and I felt extremely guided and supported. It also felt like such an amazing safe space; I was able to not only be open with Emilia, but a whole group of wonderful, inspiring women. We were given a space to learn, ask questions, grow, be vulnerable, be strong. I couldn't have asked for it to be any better." ~Lily

"CCA was an incredible experience, I signed my first client!! The content was great and I was able to work through blocks I had with showing up as a coach. Emilia is a great coach who asks you to dig deep and question all those unhelpful stories you have been telling yourself. On top of that you get to do it alongside a group of incredible women who also get to support & inspire you. ~Sam

"I was so excited to find a program that was less about building your business a 'certain way' and more about coming home to yourself and learning how to be you and build a biz that is really true & authentic to you and your message.It's such a beautiful format, I've loved working with all the women and Emilia is absolutely a wealth of knowledge." ~Emily

"l can honestly say I've come out of this as a confident coach. It was an absolute dream to work with Emilia; her approach is just pure magic. I'd recommend this to anyone just starting out or feeling really stuck trying to find the answersShe really devotes so much to everyone; Every call, worksheet & check in was just what I needed to hear. I feel a huge sense of relief, calmness & clarity about my business, my own approach and just who I am as a coach (and person). And as a result people are coming to me so much more effortlessly" ~ Bec

"Joining CCA was one of the best decisions I have ever made! I met some amazing and inspiring women and gained so much value from Emilia. She (along with all the other lovely ladies) helped me to tease out the wisdom that was already within me, but I never would have been able to realise it, at the rate I did, without this wonderful course. I definitely feel more confident stepping into my power as a coach." ~ Jess 

"CCA was the most transformational 9 weeks for my business life. I had just graduated and felt overwhelmed by what I would do next. CCA gave me the motivation, courage and most importantly confidence to up level my mindset and my business. Emilia is the most inspirational, knowledgable, fun and empowering coach that I've ever come across and I feel beyond grateful to have worked with her. I wouldn't be where I am today without CCA, which is one-on-one coaching, hosting events, launching a podcast, reaching over 1000 followers, building a 6 week program and feeling INCREDIBLE in my business. " ~ Emma W.





Join the Waitlist now to be the first to be offered a space & receive £200 off.

GOT QUESTIONS? No fear, because I have answers. Arrange to book a free 20 minute clarity call HERE where we can have a chat and see if the Academy is the right fit for you. (virtual oat milk lattes included).

If you're interested in a payment plan you can also holla at me here & we'll create something so CCA is accessible for you.

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