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A powerful 12 week group experience, weaving together the magic of circle, coaching and energy healing.

Root into your wholeness, Reclaim your innate wisdom and Rise as the powerful leader in your life.

This one's for the wild hearts, the deep feelers, the 'strong ones'. 
For the visionaries and the leaders, for the sensitive souls, the space holders and the big dreamers.

Because if you're anything like the brilliant women I've been speaking to in the last few months you've been feeling A LOT this year. 


You've been noticing a lot of conflicting emotions;

A desire to go big, to create something really special in your life alongside craving solitude, peace and a lot of down time.


Maybe you sense a big up-levelling is knocking on the door, ready to shape-shift your life,  work, business, or relationships 

and yet you find yourself just too damn tired to make the changes required.


Or perhaps you've been feeling a real sense of coming into your own lately; 

becoming the leader in your life, becoming the woman you've always envisaged 

and yet your voice feels a little shaky, and your feet feel like they're on unsteady ground.


You desire a space to rest,

 to reclaim

 and to rise.

This is your invitation to experience a full body exhale so you can make space for the passion, purpose and peace

waiting to weave it's magic through you.

This experience is perfect for you if:


  • You've been feeling a little deflated, depleted and disconnected. You're craving a deeper relationship with yourself & the energy, creativity and freedom to bring new ways of being into your life and work.


  • You're stepping into a new era in your life and you're ready to stand tall, feel deeply rooted and really claim who you are in this next season.

  • You're craving to achieve and go after big things, yet often feel on the edge of exhaustion. You're ready to honour your physical, mental and emotional needs (in a way where your life gets to thrive too)

  • You find that when you're killing it in one area of life, other areas get left behind. You're ready to experience the best of ALL worlds and have everything feeling *chefs kiss*

  • You are ready to (re)claim the role of the leader in your life, and to witness your self-leadership create ripple effects in your world.

  • You are simultaneously craving slow, intentional, ritualistic spaces AND hyped up, roll up the sleeves, 'let's do this' energy (we're bringing it all in BLOOM!)

  • You're desiring to go deep and you love the thought of  journeying with other wild hearted women; to be held and witnessed as you reclaim your wholeness.

You're craving to elevate higher whilst simultaneously deepening your relationship with yourself; to live from an anchored place whilst achieving epic things. You desire to operate from your wholeness and live from your innate wisdom, and to witness the ripple effects it effortlessly creates in your external life. 


don't do mediocre and I know you don't either.

Hey gorgeous soul,

I'm Emilia, an internationally certified Life & Leadership Coach & a Qualified Emotion Code Practitioner & Energy Worker.

Over the last six years I've been fortunate to support hundreds of women as a coach & energy worker. 

I work with brilliant, wise, ambitious women who are devoted and passionate and who, even though sometimes their voice shakes, their belly flips and doubts creep in, ultimately they know they are willing and ready to live an extraordinary life.

My commitment to you is not only see you in your wholeness but to shine the light so brightly you can feel it for yourself.

I'm not here to teach you or give you a 'three step plan', that's not how we do things around here. I'm here to support you to tap more deeply into your inner guidance, your truths, your body then ever. I'm here to help you plant your feet firmly on the ground and stand tall in who you are, owning & claiming your heart desires. Together, we'll uncover the layers so you can confidently step forward as the leader of your life.

Why BLOOM? Because the truth is that your life is pretty good, especially from the outside, and yet...
The sense that something more is available for you is there.

The knowing that life gets to feel even more sweet and easeful is there.

The craving to feel unshakeable, unstoppable is there.

The desire for deep peace in your heart is there.

BLOOM is for the wild hearted & courageous women who are devoted to connecting to their wholeness

and to doing the deep and life-altering work so they can feel radically free, alive and in tune with their lives.

"(Working with Emilia) has been the best investment on my personal development I have ever made. I had never felt so comfortable and welcome to show up as myself in any other group program before. (I've) connected with my intuition even deeper than ever before & feel more ease and flow in both my life and business." 
- Marina 


Opening Circle

A powerful space filled with ritual and intention, allowing you to open yourself to the journey that's about to unfold. 
Including group work, energy clearing & intention setting.

6x Fortnightly Group Calls

We'll gather in circle for 2 hours every fortnight where you'll experience individual and group support through life altering energy and transformative 1:1 coaching.

Community Facebook Group

The coolest hang out in town! You'll be part of a beautiful group where you can connect with the other women in BLOOM, share your celebrations and receive peer support. 

Weekly check-ins, Rituals & Practices

Every week you'll get check-in's from me; inviting you to share your reflections, receive coaching or simply to be witnessed in your unfolding. You'll also receive optional rituals/practices/actions to help you integrate and implement all that we are covering in the sessions. 

Want to be the first to know about the next round of BLOOM?

Enter your details below to be the first to be notified of the next round of BLOOM and to receive a special offer available only to waitlist members.

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When will the calls take place?

All calls take place on Tuesdays at 7pm BST. The opening circle is on 30th May and the fortnightly calls kick off from June 6th.

How much support and time with you will I receive?
As with all my group experiences, I keep these groups small and intentional (maximum of 8 participants in BLOOM) so I can give you plenty of individual space and time, as well as supporting the group as a whole. You will have the opportunity for 1:1 coaching with me on every call, and in the weekly check ins. 

I'm a coach/ service based business owner, is this experience for me?

Oh yes honey! Although not dedicated only to coaches and service business owners, my work holds a holistic approach; that all areas of our lives feed into each other.  BLOOM will provide you with the foundations & tools for you  thrive, so your external world can do as well- your business and work thrives when you do.  Our energy work will be releasing anything holding you back from using your voice, standing tall in your gifts as well as clearing self doubt, feelings of lack and more.  You are welcome to receive coaching and support on anything that is on your heart, and with 5 years experience as an intuitive business coach, I've got you covered! (A note on my biz coaching; My specific flavour of business coaching is less 'here's a 5 step strategy' and more 'let's uncover a strategy that works for you, energy and your values'. I care about sustainability over a quick win). 

I've never been in a group before and feel nervous about sharing in a group setting.

So much love and thought from me goes into creating a group environment that feels welcoming, accommodating and expansive. As within all my spaces, you will never be expected to share or do anything you do not feel comfortable with.  So often the feedback I receive is how being in a group elevated their coaching and healing experience! To feel witnessed, seen and held by a group of incredible women, is incredibly powerful in itself.

Feeling the pull to be in BLOOM but have a question that hasn't been answered or want to speak with me to make sure it's the right fit for you? You can email me with any questions or book in a clarity call if you want to have a face to face chat.

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